Managed Prometheus is Live!

Managed Prometheus is Live!

Last Thursday we released the newest addition to our set of managed services – Prometheus. As a leading open-source monitoring solution, it has exciting features for you in store.
Let’s have a look at what Prometheus is, how it can help you monitor your IT infrastructure, and how you can start it on MyNWS.


What is Prometheus

Prometheus is the leading open-source monitoring solution, allowing you to collect, aggregate, store, and query metrics from a wide range of IT systems.
It comes with its own query language, PromQL, which allows you to visualize and alert on the behavior of your systems.

Being a pillar of the cloud-native ecosystem, it integrates very well with solutions like Kubernetes, Docker, and microservices in general. In addition, you can monitor services such as databases or message queues.

With our managed Prometheus offering, you can leverage its versatility within minutes, without the hassle of setting up, configuring, and maintaining your own environment.

If this is all you need to know and you want to get started right away – the first month is free!


How Does Prometheus Work

Prometheus scrapes data in a machine-readable format from web endpoints, conventionally on the /metrics path of an application.
If a service or system does not provide such an endpoint, there probably exists a metrics exporter that scrapes the data in a different way locally and makes them available via its own endpoint.

The collected metrics get stored by Prometheus itself, aggregated over time, and eventually deleted. With PromQL, you can make sense of your metrics visually, either in Prometheus’ web interface or in Grafana.


How to Use Managed Prometheus on MyNWS

Spinning up Managed Prometheus on MyNWS is as easy as selecting the product from the list, picking a name for your app, choosing a plan, and clicking on Create. Within minutes, your Managed Prometheus app will be up and running – so what has it in store?

Managed Prometheus on MyNWS hits the ground running – below are just the key features it has to offer:

  • Web access to Prometheus and Grafana – for quick data exploration and in-depth insights
  • User access management based on MyNWS ID – onboard your team
  • Prebuilt dashboards and alarms for Kubernetes – visualize insights immediately
  • Bring your own domain – and configure it easily via the MyNWS dashboard
  • Remote Write capabilities – aggregate data from multiple Prometheus instances in MyNWS

If this sounds good, make sure to give Managed Prometheus a try on MyNWSthe first month is free!

If you have further questions or need assistance along the way, contact our MyEngineers or have a look at our open-source trainings in case you are just starting out with Prometheus.