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VPN as a Service Features

Establish VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) between the NETWAYS Cloud Services and other parts of your IT infrastructure. While your data and services stay safe in our data centers located in Germany, and restricted for the public, you can easily access it from wherever you want.


With VPNaaS comes a site to site connection between your office and the cloud. Run virtual servers securely while keeping them shielded from exposure.

Encryption and Security

Latest and robust security measures, including encryption protocols and algorithms are key to protect data transmitted over the network.

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Our VPNaaS is designed to be compatible with various operating systems, devices and network appliances. Thanks to Open Source and open standards.

Use-Case Scenarios

Inter-Office Connectivity

You can utilize our cloud-based VPNaaS service to create site-to-site IPSec connections between each office’s network and our cloud platform. This enables you to transmit data between these office locations securely through encrypted tunnels provided by our VPN service. Additionally, you can benefit from centralized management tools integrated into our cloud platform, making network monitoring, configuration adjustments, and issue resolution a breeze.

Multi-Cloud Interconnect

With our service, you can employ our web-based VPNaaS within our cloud platform to establish site-to-site IPSec connections between each cloud provider and your on-premises data center. This enables you to easily configure routing and network policies through our user-friendly web portal to efficiently manage traffic between cloud instances and on-premises resources. Rest assured that all data transfers are secure, adhering to stringent encryption standards and compliance requirements.

Protected and ensured transfer

Operating Systems

Secure & fast data transfer

Our VPN services ensurs encrypted data transfer to your virtual private cloud from anywhere it the world. 

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ISO-27001 certified Datacenters

All data is stored GDPR compliant in ISO-27001 datacenters located in Germany.

Do more with your VPN

Make your cloud project a great fit by choosing only the resources that you need, in exactly the right size and amount, and scaling out and in anytime. Our NETWAYS Cloud Services based on OpenStack offer many compute, storage and network resources designed with newest technology. Create your modern IT infrastructure with ease.



Pre-Built Images

S3 / Swift Object Storage

Local SSDs

Load Balancer

Do more with your VPN

Make your cloud project a great fit by choosing only the resources that you need, in exactly the right size and amount, and scaling out and in anytime. Our NETWAYS Cloud Services based on OpenStack offer many compute, storage and network resources designed with newest technology. Create your modern IT infrastructure with ease.

Fly high with our Cloud

Cloud Services are a crucial part of modern computing, offering a flexible and scalable virtual infrastructure. With us, as a GDPR-compliant hosting provider with ISO-27001 certified data centers in Germany, you can launch your reliable Cloud Services in just minutes!

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Dynamically adapt to changing requirements. We provide the resources, as needed. Ready, whenever you are.

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We’re built for scale out – and so is our NWS Cloud, based on OpenStack. With us, even sky is not the limit.

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We’ve seen it all. So we know how to handle tricky situations. Make the most of your Cloud Infrastructure – with us.
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GDPR Compliant

Data Security and Privacy never get old. And we never get tired of keeping your data safe, here in Germany.
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Get things done with us in a timely manner and pay only for what you use. Saving costs? Sounds savvy.

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Focus On You

You know your core business best. So do we, when it comes to managing Cloud infrastructures.

Usage Examples

Create Your Instance using a Command Line Interface (CLI), the REST-API, or our Webinterface.

OpenStack CLI

Use the OpenStack CLI command to create a new VPN along with its policies.

# Create a IKE policy
openstack vpn ike policy create ikepolicy --ike-version v2 --auth-algorithm sha256 --encryption-algorithm aes-256 --pfs group14
# Create a IPsec policy
openstack vpn ipsec policy create ipsecpolicy --auth-algorithm sha256 --encryption-algorithm aes-256 --pfs group14
# Create VPN Service
openstack vpn service create vpn --router myrouter
# Create the Endpoint Groups
openstack vpn endpoint group create local-epg --type subnet --value mysubnet
openstack vpn endpoint group create right-epg --type cidr --value
# Finally create the site connection
openstack vpn ipsec site connection create site2site --vpnservice vpn --ikepolicy ikepolicy --ipsecpolicy ipsecpolicy --local-endpoint-group local-epg --peer-address --peer-id --peer-endpoint-group right-epg --psk secret


The provided REST-API allows you to list, create, delete VPN site-to-site connections. There are also libraries for the most popular programming languages available.

curl -X GET https://cloud.netways.de:9696/v2.0/vpn/ipsec-site-connections/UUID 
    -H "Content-Type: application/json" 
    -H "X-Auth-Token: $TOKEN"


Create your Cloud Server using the NETWAYS Web Services.

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Nice to know

Is there a negative performance impact using a VPN?

Yes, there can be a negative performance impact when using a VPN (Virtual Private Network). This is because VPNs encrypt and tunnel all network traffic between the client and server, which can add additional overhead and introduce latency into the network connection.

When using a VPN, all traffic must first be encrypted, then transmitted over the VPN tunnel to the VPN server, where it is decrypted and forwarded to its destination. This extra encryption and decryption process can add additional processing time and increase the amount of data that needs to be transmitted, which can result in slower network performance.

What are the advantages of using a VPN to connect to your infrastructure?

VPNs can help improve security, provide remote access to resources, bypass geo-restrictions, protect privacy, and save costs. However, it’s important to keep in mind that VPNs can also have performance impacts and require additional configuration and management, so it’s important to weigh the benefits and drawbacks before implementing a VPN solution.

Who can I contact in Case of a Problem?
You can get help at nws@netways.de and in the LiveChat at the bottom right.

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