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Stay in Flow with Your Business

Stay in the flow with your open source IT – fast, flexible, highly available. Hosted in Germany, managed with love! We work with latest technologies and the highest security standards to provide you the cloud infrastructure, container environment and open source apps, that is just right for you. In just a few steps you can go from registration to your ready-to-use product.

And if you need anything special that we can build and manage for you, then welcome one of our MyEngineers as a personal partner by your side! Whether it‘s architecture consulting, migration, operation or troubleshooting: we’re here for you!

Managed Kubernetes. Fast & Fearless.

With Managed Kubernetes, you automate the deployment, scaling, and management of your containerized applications. Meaning: you fire up the pipelines, and we take care of your K8s clusters – smooth sailing!

  • Cluster in minutes
  • Easily scalable
  • Servers located in Nuremberg, Germany
  • Professional support
  • ISO-certified data center
kubernetes architecture: Containers around a big box which manages those containers for applications
sichere Verbindung zwischen Cloud und virtuellen Maschinen
user interfaces of some apps & logos of some apps
tasks of a MyEngineer


Developed with DevOps spirit for pioneers.

  • Easy Integration
  • Highly available
  • ISO-certified data center

Managed Database

Your highly available database architecture.

  • Data integrity guaranteed
  • MySQL compatible
  • Replication across two sites


Easy to use & integrate within your business.

  • 30 days free trial
  • Individual configuration
  • Smooth business processes

NETWAYS MyEngineer

Your personal architecture consultant.

  • Direct Person of Contact
  • Expert knowledge
  • 24/7 Support
Picture of Sebastian Saemann

”NWS is a german and GDPR-compliant alternative to the large cloud providers and hyperscalers. Our exceptional services cover
the topics of consulting, operational support and

– Sebastian Saemann, Head of NETWAYS Web Services

Our Services. For Your Success.

Easy to Use

Simplify and optimize your workflows with the right Apps and Infrastructure as a Service. Within minutes and just a few clicks, you’re ready to go: book what you need in the customer center, and configure it to your wishes. That’s it! 

Latest Technologies

Highly available anytime, scalable according to your needs: all our components are redundant and stable as a rock. We take care of updates, backups and operation to give you the security and flexibility you need and deserve.

Highest Security

Are data security and data protection a must for you? Same here! Our servers are hosted in Nuremberg, also meaning they’re GDPR-compliant. In our ISO-27001 certified data centers your data is safe.

Excellent Accessibility

Directly, without detours: with us you won’t end up in the waiting loop of a service hotline! Talk to us – whether it’s in person, via chat, ticket, or phone. Mon – Fri 8 to 5 or with 24/7 support and availability.

Individual Consultation

Cost reduction, efficiency, smooth workflows: we’ll find a way to make all three aspects work for you! With your MyEngineer you have a personal Architecture consultant at your side at all times.

Transparency & Fairness

To us, fairness and transparency are very important: no licenses or no binding to suppliers. Instead: billing based on hours with transparent breakdown. For a trusting partnership at eye level.

Case Studies

Celebrating Successes Together

Team work makes the dream work: we were already able to support these companies successfully!
Perhaps their stories will help you understand our offer even better and read, how we helped them reach their goals.

Customers Who Trust Us

The trust of our customers makes us proud! With many we are connected by years of partnership and often friendship.

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Why NETWAYS Web Services?

“I think the NWS platform and its service are great. We don’t have the feeling of just having computers on the other side, but actually real people. That’s kind of a big deal nowadays and in the age of other big competitors. Thanks!"

Gerd Langlotz | bvsse

“Creating products from scratch with NETWAYS was a great and professional experience and a big advantage I found in my daily work.”

Eitan Arat | CTO at

“NETWAYS made worlds of difference. The implementation process then almost happened on its own.”

Nico Kutschke | Team Leader IT Services at Thüringer Aufbaubank

“NETWAYS Cloud Services are extremely flexible and scalable. This is perfect for us because it allows us to react quickly when we need resources for projects and new services.”

Frank Siebert | CEO at Trinuts GmbH

"NWS: honest, friendly, competent."

Markus Petzold | Senior System Administrator at Ostsächsische Sparkasse Dresden

We Help You Achieve Your Goals!


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Technical Support

Tutorials, Trainings, Webinars

Expert Knowledge at its Best

Would you like to find out more about Kubernetes, OpenStack and Co. and how it works? We’d love to share our knowledge and experiences with you! Take a look at our free tutorials and webinars or book a training right away!

Kubernetes Tutorials

Controller, nodegroups, logging, alerting: our NWS experts Achim and Sebastian share their Kubernetes Know-How in more than 10 articles!

OpenStack Tutorials

Machines, snapshots, auto scaling: OpenStack made easy in 7 steps. Find out everything for your start with the cloud platform.

Finally understand K8s!

If you want to understand Kuberntes theoratically and practically, then our NETWAYS Trainings might be the right place for you!

NETWAYS Webinars

Check out our NETWAYS YouTube channel to find all recorded webinars with more to come. We’re looking forward to you subscribing and watching!

Contact Us!

Do you have any questions about our offer, products or NWS in general? Then contact us now – the NWS team around Sebastian is at your side with advice and assistance!
We also have a LiveChat at the bottom right, where we gladly help you with your questions.