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The following features are included in all packages

Updates inclusive

Full access to App Store

Professional 8×5 Support

NextCloud Office inclusive

Monthly cancelable

Free for 30 days

Traffic flat

3x replicated Storage

Securely Store and Share Files

Nextcloud is an open source cloud software that provides fast, stable and location-independent file storage, editing and sharing. With your managed Nextcloud, you always have the latest version and don’t have to worry about the stability of your cloud and the security of your data. Access your files easily and anywhere!

More than just a Cloud

Easy Access

Manage your data on your own Nextcloud server easily over the web. Access your files, media, documents and calendars from anywhere and with all your devices. Your data is secure and always available in your Nextcloud.

Nextcloud Office

With Nextcloud Office integrated in Nextcloud, you can not only store and share files, but also edit them together with your colleagues.  Whether text documents, spreadsheets or presentations: Collaborate and work more efficiently on your projects.

Your Own Domain

We provide you with a domain that you can customize and individualize at any time by inserting a free CNAME. Or you can simply take your own existing domain with you, which will be integrated into your Nextcloud.

Quick Start in 3 Easy Steps

Login or Create Account

Register a new account or login with an existing one.

Start your Application

Launch a single or multiple instances of your App.

Login to your new App

Access your Open Source App. Start using it within minutes.

Our Services. For Your Success

30 Days Free Trial

With us you have the possibility to use all Open Source Apps for 30 days free of charge. And without any subscription trap – we rely on your trust.

Data Centers in Germany

All open source apps are hosted in our ISO-certified data centers in Nuremberg, Germany. You can be sure that your data is safe and sound.

Security Standards

Data security and protection are a must for you? For us too! You can rely on our compliance with the GDPR. We apply the highest security standards.

World-class Support

You will not end up in a hotline queue with us. Talk to us! We are happy to support you and solve your problems. Anytime!

Flexible Pricing

Choose a plan from our broad portfolio that fits your business best. If you need an individual package, please contact us.

Always Up-to-Date

Sit back and relax! We take care that your open source apps are updated regularly and stay up-to-date.

Start Your Nextcloud now!

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How can I create users and groups?

Log in as an administrator, click on your username in the top right corner, and then select Users. To add a group, click + Add Group in the left column and enter a name. To create a new user, simply enter username and password in the top fields, select a group you want this user to belong to, and click Create.

How can I upload files to Nextcloud and create folders?

Uploading files via the web interface is done with the File app. Above the list of your files, there is a button with a “+” icon. Click on it and select Upload. Then select the files you want to open and click open.

To create a folder, click the button with the “+” symbol again and select Folder. Now enter the desired folder name and click enter.

How can I manage file access?

You need to enable the File Access Control application. Select Apps in your application menu and navigate to the Not Enabled section. Now enable File Access Control. In your admin panel you will find the File Access Control section.

Why does the upload time stay at 1 second?

This happens because your data is being uploaded to the S3 storage in the background. It may take a while depending on how much data you upload. However, Nextcloud itself cannot calculate how long it will take.

How can I access Nextcloud via WebDAV?

To connect to your Nextcloud server via WebDAV, you may need a WebDAV client for your PC/Mac. Many operating systems already have WebDAV capability built in. However, you can still use your favorite online search engine to find a suitable WebDAV solution for your system. To connect via WebDAV, you need the WebDAV link of your Nextcloud server. In the Nextcloud web interface, open the Files application and select Settings at the bottom left. Copy the link shown below and if necessary change https:// to davs:// if it doesn’t work right away. When prompted, enter your username and password.

How can I upgrade Nextcloud?

The update/upgrade process is performed by us at NWS once the new Nextcloud version has been tested. We announce update periods via email. Your Nextcloud server will then be updated during a reboot, which should take no more than a few minutes.

How do I delete files and folders from my Nextcloud?

To delete a file or folders at once, hover over the file name and click the checkbox next to the file thumbnail. Then select Delete on the right side. The files will be moved to the recycle bin. To delete files permanently, you need to empty the Recycle Bin. To do so, click Deleted Files on the bottom left, select the files you want to permanently remove from your Nextcloud again by checking the checkboxes, and click Delete.

Who can I contact if I have a problem?

You can get help at and in the Live Chat at the bottom right. For general questions regarding the settings, we recommend the Nextcloud forum and the documentation.

How can I cancel my Nextcloud app?

You can easily cancel your contract in the contract overview under Manage Contract.

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