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kubernetes architecture: Containers around a big box which manages those containers for applications

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Our Managed Kubernetes service helps you to orchestrate your container workload. With Kubernetes (K8s) you automate the deployment, scaling, and management of your containerized applications. While we take care of running and operating your Kubernetes cluster, you benefit from all the features Managed Kubernetes has to offer without having to worry about availability and performance of the underlying infrastructure.

Deal with all kinds of jobs: deployment of containerized applications, CI/CD pipelines or batch processing. Kubernetes is the state-of-the-art tool to lead your business into the modern time of software development and IT operations.

Build, deploy and scale your applications with trust.

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New to Managed Kubernetes?

Get a brief overview of the concept and basics of Managed Kubernetes.

Build, Deploy, Scale. Fast & Fearless.

Browse through the features of our Managed Kubernetes solution and find out the details that allow you to ship your container workload with ease.

Cluster in Minutes

Define your cluster status, set the number of nodes, download your kubeconfig and start using kubectl: in just a few steps, your Kubernetes cluster is ready. We take care of its high availability, updates, backups and a stable underlying cloud infrastructure.

Managed Control Plane

The control plane is the brain of the cluster that takes the action and enforces your desired state. You can decide between a standalone or a high available control plane. We monitor and operate it – 24/7.

Powerful Abstraction

There are objects for any kind of resources – pods, services, volumes, and many more. Abstraction leads to more consistency and reliability in your infrastructure and a simpler, more predictable deployment process.

CI/CD done rapidly

Run your CI/CD workloads on top of Kubernetes for faster deployments and greater independence. K8s saves a lot of manual steps. It covers many of the tasks itself and is open to other tools with standardized APIs. There are plenty of integrations like GitLab Runners or the GitLab AutoDevOps Feature.

Persistent Volume Claims

Managing data within containers can be tricky. In theory there is only stateless workload for your pods, for everything else we support persistent volume claims. Store your data, e.g. for the operation of databases, beyond the lifecycle of containers.


Meeting today’s challenges in design, creativity and science, the new GPUs (Graphics Processing Units) combine professional graphics with processing power and AI (Artificial Intelligence) acceleration. Whether 3D rendering, machine learning or AI: process large or complex amount of data in no time with the NVIDIA A10 graphics card!

Horizontal Scaling and Autoscaling

Scale your application with a simple command or use the Kubernetes web interface. Depending on CPU usage or other metrics, new containers can be started automatically. Autoscaling detects when you actually run out of space in your cluster and starts new VMs, which collapse again when you no longer need them. Saves nerves, resources and money.

Load Balancer and Service Discovery

Leverage from our Load Balancer as a Service for scaling and high availability. Your applications do not have to be adapted to a different service discovery mechanism. The load balancing and DNS management take place automatically!

Object Storage

Every Managed Kubernetes cluster comes with credentials for our own S3-compatible storage. Your data is replicated and distributed across two ISO 27001-certified data centers located in Nuremberg, Germany.

Open Standards and APIs

We believe in Open Source and Open Standards. All Kubernetes clusters are fully compatible to the upstream project, as well as the underlying infrastructure based on OpenStack. If you pursue a multi cloud strategy, we’re happy to be a part of it!

Fedora CoreOS Updates

Fedora CoreOS is used as the operating system for many Kubernetes clusters. It specializes in containers and scores particularly well with simple, automatic updates. It doesn’t update package by package but creates a new, updated image of the system and finalizes the update with a reboot. Choose between different update mechanisms: immediate, periodic and lock-based.


The restart of failed containers and the distribution of the workload to healthy containers is managed automatically by Kubernetes. In addition, the functionality of the applications can be checked by individual health checks.

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”The possibilities that Kubernetes offers are fantastic! From simple deployments to highly complex High Available Setups: It’s all possible! With NWS Kubernetes, a highly available cluster can be up and running in minutes.”

– Marc Zimmermann

Our Services. For Your Success.

Easy Start & Integration

In just a few steps, your new Kubernetes cluster is ready. All clusters are fully compatible to the upstream project, as well as the underlying infrastructure based on OpenStack, and many other tools.

High Availability

Your Kubernetes runs on a highly available architecture. Our triple point of failure situation navigates your workload through all storms. K8s itself automatically restarts failed containers or distributes the load to healthy ones.

Security Standards

For sure: Data security and privacy is a must! NETWAYS Managed Kubernetes is hosted in Nuremberg, Germany. Rely on GDPR compliance and know your data is safe in our two ISO-27001 certified data centers.

Premium Managed Services

Direct and without detours: With us you’ll never end up in the waiting loop of a service hotline! Talk to us on site and in person, or via chat, ticket, or phone. We are happy to support you and solve your problems – anytime!

Scalability on Demand

Grown and growing projects need flexible resources. The NETWAYS Managed Kubernetes is made for scale-out. Autoscaling starts and closes VMs in accordance with your needs – guaranteeing the best fit and cost-efficiency you can get!

Fair Partnership & Pricing

We value fairness and transparency. No licenses, no vendor lock-in, hourly billing, transparent breakdown. Made for consciously chosen reliable partnerships and communication at eye-level.

Use Cases

Get an overview of four common scenarios in which Managed Kubernetes simplifies your life and helps you to achieve your goals.


Hosting apps designed in a micro-service architectural approach is the most classical scenario to Managed Kubernetes. The eco-system is full of ideas and best practices how to deal with this kind of software architectures. Service-mesh, autoscaling, selfhealing and rolling upgrades are just a bunch of many features that can make your Dev and Ops life easier.

Migrate existing Applications

Migrate your existing applications to containers and deploy them on top of Kubernetes. Maybe you are right if you think this is kind of over-engineered for simple apps, but the complexity is handled by us. You benefit from the comfortable, abstract way of deploying your apps with Managed Kubernetes. And maybe we are right when we say you will love it.


Managed Kubernetes also brings noticeable benefits to Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment/Delivery methodology. A consequential complement for the other shown use cases. To get the best out of Kubernetes and your application your development und deployment process should be automated as much as possible. Popular tools like GitLab, Jenkins, Travis-CI or Team-City have good integrations with Kubernetes.

Batch Processing

Running compute intensive and reoccurring jobs on top of Kubernetes is another common use case. Managed Kuberentes helps to spread and distribute computing intensive jobs across the cluster. Also less intensive batch jobs can be run besides other production load to fill up gaps of unused compute resources. Use your resources more effectively. You can even spin up a cluster just for a short period of time, run and compute your batch jobs and delete the whole cluster again. You will be charged only for this period of time using those resources.

Customers Who Trust Us

The trust of our customers makes us proud! With many we are connected by years of partnership and often friendship.

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“NETWAYS allocated a great person named Gabriel, who very soon became our colleague in the team. Together we set all the requirements for building applications from scratch with NETWAYS Managed Kubernetes.”

Eitan Arat, CTO,

Our Pricing

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The pricing for your Managed Kubernetes clusters is based on actual usage. A minimal setup consists of a single control plane and at least one worker node. Starting at € 2.47 per day.

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Managed Kubernetes

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Billing based on actual usage
High available control plane
Full K8s API
Scale on demand
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Servers location: Germany
DC Certificate: ISO27001
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*A minimal Kubernetes cluster setup consists of a control plane and at least one worker node (2x virtual machines + 2x floating IPs). The pricing for Kubernetes clusters is based on actual usage. Additional costs for storage (S3 or persistent volume claims), load balancers and traffic may arise dynamically if used.


What is Managed Kubernetes?

Kubernetes is an open source software that automates the deployment, scaling, and management of container applications. Containers, in which microservices are packaged, are grouped into logical units to facilitate their management. “Managed” means that a provider like us handles numerous tasks around this infrastructure, so your IT can focus on actual development.

We have developed a Kubernetes tutorials series for you, which takes you step by step into the world of Kubernetes, Containers and Co. – have a look!

What is Container Orchestration?

In modern development processes, applications are made up of numerous components, which in turn are packaged in containers. For an application to work the way you want it to, these containers must work together. The process of organizing how these individual components work is called container orchestration. Kubernetes is the leading solution for container orchestration.

What does Managed Kubernetes cost?

With us, you only pay as much as you actually use. Prices are based on the hourly usage of your resources, such as CPU, RAM, DISK, load balancer. Starting at only 1,88 € per day we offer you our Managed Kubernetes Clusters.  You can find the exact billing details for individual resources on our Pricing page.

How can I use NETWAYS Managed Kubernetes?

First of all, create a free NWS account. Then start your Managed Kubernetes and log in again – with different credentials, which you can find in the Access tab. Now you are ready to start and manage your Kubernetes cluster in our web interface. You can find detailed instructions in our tutorial “How to start your Managed Kubernetes at NWS” by Achim.

Why should I use Managed Kubernetes from NWS?

We make it easy for you to get started in the world of Kubernetes and, of course, support you in every phase of your project. We take care of the creation and optimal operation of your Kubernetes cluster. We are proud to be among the first providers in Germany to offer this service!

In addition, if needed, a MyEngineer is always available to work closely with you and build and run your architecture exactly according to your needs.

Who can I contact in case of problems?

If you have any questions or problems regarding our Managed Kubernetes, you can always contact our support service or your personal MyEngineer. Without hotline or queue we are there for you. 24/7 – if you like!

How long is the contract period?

With our Managed Kubernetes there is no contract period.

How does Managed Kubernetes make my daily work easier?

Kubernetes takes many tasks off your plate that you would otherwise have to do manually and executes them automatically. Kubernetes helps to group several of your containers into pods, deploy, scale, manage and monitor them efficiently. This speeds up the development of applications as well as their rollout.

With our managed solution, you can also be sure that your cluster is optimally set up and operated, that the numerous resources required for this are available at all times, and that you can save yourself time and effort.

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