Load Balancer

Share the load

Use Load Balancers in the NETWAYS Cloud OpenStack Backend with just a few easy steps.

How does this work?

Multiple application servers can be published using a single DNS name and IP.

This makes scaling easy and your application is available at any time.

You can even spread you appservers over different zones for high availability.


Using load balancers can help you share the load and use the maximum power from multiple appserver spread over different availability zones.

And you can easily increase the up time of your applications with load balancing your appservers.

Target Group

With a single server even a small problem or a minor maintenance can lead to a downtime.

Make your environment ready for everything with multiple app servers and load balancers in the NETWAYS Cloud.

Where do i start?

Register now and start right away. Everything is already set up for you.

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We are happy to help with the integration of your favourite Open Source Application.

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