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Designed with DevOps Spirit for Pioneers

You want to launch servers and networks fast and easy? Your goal is to thrive with your business without any limitations due to a stiff and inflexible IT infrastructure? You want your data to be secure and your systems to be highly available?

Our NETWAYS Cloud Services are waiting for you! Quickly setup virtual machines (VMs), storage and networks, and dynamically adapt them to changing requirements. Automate your jobs. Have your cloud running distributed and redundant in a highly secure, highly available data center in Germany. Enjoy the best possible stability and performance. Welcome to your NETWAYS Cloud Services based on OpenStack!

Hosted, managed and made with love in Germany.

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New to the Cloud?

Get a brief overview of the basics and learn to create your own Cloud project.

“NETWAYS Cloud Services are extremely flexible and scalable. This is perfect for us because it allows us to react quickly when we need resources for projects and new services.”

Frank Siebert, CEO, Trinuts GmbH

Our Cloud Services. For Your Success.

Easy Start & Integration

When your business grows, but your infrastructure has reached its limits: Extend it with just a few clicks in the NETWAYS Cloud web interface. Based on OpenStack, state-of-the-art and enterprise proven cloud technology.

High Availability

Be sure to rely on a highly available architecture. From the power supply unit to a fault-tolerant setup: We leave nothing to burn! All NETWAYS Cloud Services components are redundant twice and thrice. It’s stable as a rock.

Security Standards

Data security and privacy is a must for you? For us too! The NETWAYS Cloud Services are hosted in Nuremberg, Germany. Rely on GDPR compliance and know your data is safe in our two ISO-27001 certified data centers.

Premium Managed Services

Direct and without detours: With us you’ll never end up in the waiting loop of a service hotline! Talk to us on site and in person, or via chat, ticket or phone. We are happy to support you and solve your problems – anytime!

Scalability on Demand

Grown and growing projects with great demands need flexible resources. The underlying architecture of the NETWAYS Cloud Services is built for scale-out. Multipliable a thousand times. No limits for your success.

Fair Partnership & Pricing

We value fairness and transparency. No licenses, no vendor lock-in, hourly billing, transparent breakdown. Made for consciously chosen, reliable partnerships and communication at eye-level.

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“OpenStack is a powerful tool with many valuable functions!
It offers more than just virtual machines. As everything can be conveniently controlled online via browser or API, you don’t even need to be on site.”

Georg Mimietz

Love is in the Air – Your Cloud Nine

Make your cloud project a great fit by choosing all and only the resources that you need, in exactly the right size and amount, and scaling out and in anytime. Our NETWAYS Cloud Services based on OpenStack offer many compute, storage and network resources designed with newest technology. Browse through and find out the details that allow you to create your modern IT infrastructure with ease.

SDN & Floating IPs

Create your own virtual data center. Software Defined Networking (SDN) decouples the control plane from the data forwarding component (data plane). With this higher virtual network layer over the physical one you get a very dynamic and flexible infrastructure.

What benefits do I have from it?

SDN allows for a more efficient usage and automation of networking services: Create and separate networks quickly and adapt your IT to new business needs. Dynamically adjust traffic flow with Floating IPs. Loadbalancing, firewalling, VPN on your fingertips.

VPN as a Service

Establish VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) between the NETWAYS Cloud Services and other parts of your IT infrastructure. Secure the traffic with encrypted connections. Make information and services remotely accessible while personal data remains anonymous. Connect your site to the cloud wherever you are. Safe and easy.

Is it worth having a VPN?

Absolutely. The technology helps you to connect to the NETWAYS Cloud Services from anywhere in the world. While your data and services stay safe in our data centers located in Nuremberg, Germany, and restricted for the public, you can easily access it from wherever you want.

Native API

With an API (Application Programming Interface), applications that are independent of each other can work together and exchange data. The NETWAYS Cloud uses OpenStack APIs for all it’s components: Compute (VMs), Storage (S3, volumes, images) and Network (VPNaaS, SDN, firewall, etc.). This enables automation of all processes and facilitates integration into build pipelines, configuration management tools or even application layers.

Infrastructure as Code has never been easier!

The OpenStack APIs of the NETWAYS Cloud can be combined with numerous DevOps tools. Keep using what you know and what works for you! Use your favourite tools to start server instances, create images, setup networking and network components, and perform many other actions. Automate as much as possible for faster and more productive workflows.

S3 / Swift Object Storage

As your business grows and your requirements change, you no longer need to estimate how much storage you will need in the future. With your NETWAYS Cloud Object Storage you are flexible and always well positioned!

How does it work?

Your data is bundled with customizable metadata tags and a unique identifier to form objects. These objects are stored in a flat address space. There is no limit to the number of objects stored, making it much easier to scale out. S3 is the protocol developed by Amazon, Swift is the counterpart by OpenStack. It is possible to access your NETWAYS Cloud Storage with both protocols.

And why does it matter?

Put your static web content in your Object Storage and load assets from there while your web application stays stateless.
Unlimited space for all your ideas, data and tools, while you only pay what you use.

Local SSDs

When a centralised storage is not enough for high performance applications like databases or highly frequented websites, local SSDs are the perfect match for fast I/O. Local SSDs are available in every zone in the NETWAYS Cloud.

Boost your performance by simply choosing local SSDs in our OpenStack backend and scale your apps to any desired level.

Load Balancer

Use Load Balancers in the NETWAYS Cloud OpenStack backend with just a few easy steps.

How does this work?

Multiple application servers can be published using a single DNS name and IP. This makes scaling easy and your application is available at any time. You can even spread your app servers over different zones for high availability.


Create and extend your volumes in the NETWAYS Cloud in the OpenStack backend.

Choose between block devices on our multi-zoned ceph storage for maximum availability or local ssds for maximum performance. Make snapshots at any time or have them scheduled by your personal MyEngineer. Choose the perfect volume sizes for your projects and we take care of the rest.


Meeting today’s challenges in design, creativity and science, the new GPUs (Graphics Processing Units) combine professional graphics with processing power and AI (Artificial Intelligence) acceleration. Whether 3D rendering, machine learning, or AI: process large or complex amount of data in no time with the NVIDIA A10 graphics card!

Pre-Built Images

We provide images for all popular operating systems. Kickstarting your infrastructure has never been easier. Choose your flavor of Linux or Windows (bring your own license). Of course you can use whatever image you want.

Simply upload it to the NETWAYS Cloud and you’re good to go!

Security Groups

Secure your OpenStack environment in the NETWAYS Cloud backend with just a few clicks. Security groups are sets of IP filter rules that are applied to all project instances, which define networking access to the instance.

What’s it good for?

Group rules are project specific – project members can edit the default rules for their group and add new rule sets. Security Groups enable you to group multiple access rules in a single object. This makes it easy to grant access to a group of applications and servers.


Backing up and restoring important data is one of the most important issues for clean IT operations. Overwriting a file, not saving an important file or installing the wrong update – such situations happen every day. Surely you want to be prepared! Companies treat backups in their own environments with the utmost care. However, data protection is not really a creative activity.

Go for more creativity and stay safe:

Dedicate yourself to the really interesting and challenging tasks in your IT and hand over the responsibility for a reliable backup to us. With our automated system in place, organisational backups can be performed on a pre-determined schedule, mainly once a day, which minimizes the ongoing attention required from your own IT teams, leaving resource free to tackle other projects.
Better have a backup! Automatically and without stress.

Cost Explorer

The NETWAYS Cloud Cost Explorer enables maximum transparency and predictable pricing. It shows you the current billing data for all cloud resources and services live for the current month. You can also view the expected costs if consumption remains as it is.

What do I get from this?

CPUs, Memory, Volumes, Images, Snapshots etc.: The prices are calculated hourly and billed on a monthly basis. In the Cost Explorer you can see the current state of your expenses in a tabular overview, know exactly which resources you have used for how long and what it costs you. In addition with the forecast function you have a rock solid basis for your thought-through budget and resources planning.

Do IT Yourself vs. All-Round

There is more than one single way to use the NETWAYS Cloud Services. You want to focus on your core business and hand over the setup and management of your IT to us? With our MyEngineer you get premium managed services! You prefer the path of Infrastructure as Code? Use your modern DevOps tools to manage all your resources yourself. Either way: We are the right fit for you. Learn why.

Premium Managed Services


Wether it is e-commerce, content or data management system or production pipeline: A deep understanding of your core business and all necessary applications and services is always important to us. Together we make your IT a great fit! Just contact us and we will discuss where we can take over responsibility to release you from anything that hinders you to make a go.


Outsource the management of your IT and concentrate on your core competence. Our MyEngineer takes care of your setup and optimizes processes in close cooperation with you to boost your business with better performance and stability. MyEngineer is at your side to support you anytime. Your success is in good hands.


Focus on your business. We take care of the rest. Optional MyEngineer services include 24/7 monitoring, customized backups, regular updates of all systems and applications and much more. Highest industry standards are not optional. They are the foundation for our services. No need for own data centers. Short on manpower? We got your back!

Public Cloud Flexibility


Bring your ideas to reality and benefit from our public cloud environment. All NETWAYS Cloud components together form a flexible, state-of-the-art open source stack with open standards. Define the dimensions of the environments you need based on your specific projects. Quick start, short delivery: Go and play! Infrastructure no longer limits your creativity.


The NETWAYS Cloud is particularly suitable for developers and software engineers. Use your favourite config management and dev tools and deploy your app in minutes. APIs for all parts of your Infrastructure as a Service make it easy to automate processes and integrate it with other projects. Speak to your cloud in code! Access as you like it.


Start small and grow your applications whenever needed. Our Infrastructure as a Service makes your IT more flexible in terms of scaling. Scale horizontally in all respects. Your NETWAYS Cloud is designed for scale-out and can grow almost endlessly, as the most common reasons for limitations are eliminated. We can multiply our setup a thousand times. How far do you want to go?

Customers Who Trust Us

The trust of our customers makes us proud! With many we are connected by years of partnership and often friendship.

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Our Pricing

Fair. Transparent. Valuable.

The pricing for your Cloud is based on actual usage. A minimal setup consists of a single virtual machine and a floating IP. Starting at € 0.73 per day.

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You want an expert at your side for the optimal flow with your IT? Our MyEngineer is your personal architecture consultant! Always there with help and assistance. Powered by passion.

Your Cloud: Simple to Launch. Easy to Scale.

Setup. Updates. Operation. We take care! – Managed OpenStack made for you.

NETWAYS Cloud Services

* € 0.73
per day

Billing based on actual usage
Full OpenStack API
Scale on demand
Cancel at any time
Professional 8×5 Support
(24×7 if ordered)
Servers location: Germany
DC Certificate: ISO27001
Exclusively for B2B

Custom Made

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What are the benefits of NETWAYS Cloud Services?

Your benefits of our NETWAYS Cloud Services range from redundant, highly available components and highest security standards to an architecture based on OpenStack that is designed for scale-out, to fair and transparent pricing and our exclusive Premium Managed Services.

What is Managed OpenStack?

Our NETWAYS Cloud Services offering is essentially a Managed OpenStack environment. We’ve developed an OpenStack tutorial series that gives you a step-by-step introduction to OpenStack and the benefits of our Managed Services. Take a look!

What does the NETWAYS Cloud cost?

Our prices are based on your actual usage. Starting at 0.55 € per day you can use our cloud services. You can find the exact billing details for individual resources on our Pricing-page.

How can I use the NETWAYS Cloud Services?

First of all, create a free NWS account. Then start your OpenStack and log in again – with different credentials, which you can find in the Access tab. Now you are ready to start your first virtual machine (VM). You can find detailed instructions on how to do this in our tutorial “OpenStack made easy – starting a project and creating your first machine” by Georg.

How secure is the NETWAYS Cloud?

Data protection and security are very much important to us. Your data is stored in our ISO-27001 certified and highly secure data centers in Nuremberg. A redundant, distributed setup with different zones guarantees high availability.

Who can I contact if I have any problems?

If you have any questions or problems regarding our cloud services, you can contact our support service and your personal MyEngineer at any time. Without hotline or queue we are there for you. 24/7 – if you like!

How long is the contract period?

There is no contract period for our cloud services.

Contact Us!

You have any requests or questions, or just want to say ‘hi’? Get in touch with us! We are happy to hear from you! Send us a message or use the chat system at the bottom right corner and we’ll see you in a bit!