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Who We Are and What We Do

Nice to meet you!

We’re NETWAYS Web Services – the company behind Managed Kubernetes, Cloud, Apps and MyEngineer! We’re providing IT services, whose products are based on open source.
With our highly qualified team of MyEngineers, we’ll provide you with only the best resources and are there to help with consulting, operational assistance and support.
You can find us in the heart of Nuremberg, Bavaria!

Our goal is ...

… to help your company implement and run open source tools smoothly and efficiently with our products!

We built ready-to-use Cloud and Kubernetes Services and open source apps that you can get at our web platform and use directly!

But that’s not all: besides all of the above, we can design and host basically any IT architecture you dream of!

Introducing NETWAYS Web Services

Daniel Bodky

Apostolos Pliakos

Marc Zimmermann

Gabriel Hartmann

That could be you!

Kleon Rockenbach

Joshua Hartmann

Dominik Seidel

Valeria Thiele

Fabian Rothlauf

Achim Ledermüller

Stefan Gundel

Artur Samokysha

Martin Schuster

Justin Lamp

Sebastian Saemann

Our Mission

Every company should have exactly the IT infrastructure it needs to be successful – at fair prices, with excellent customer service, built with the latest technology and hosted securely and DSGVO-compliant.

That’s when we come into play: we provide technically innovative, easy-to-use IT services.
Our data centers in Nuremberg run on highest security standards, which is all highly appreciated by our customers. Aiming to build strong and personal, long-lasting customer relationships, is what we work for.

Building on Trust

With our data centers in Nuremberg, Germany, we guarantee highest security standards. We use and offer only the best components and resources that meet our and your requirements for stability and flexibility. Fair and transparent pricing for your technically challenging solutions is a must.

Team Spirit

We know your technical struggles, but we’re in this together and are here to help you! Our exceptional services with consulting and operational support are extremely valuable for many of our current customers. So, let’s get started, because you know: team work makes the dream work!

Loving Open Source

We believe in the way open source works. The term „open“ applies to many of our business fields. From transparency in contract terms to the open communication we cultivate & cherish with our people and customers: to us, open source means being tranparent about the way we work.

Made with LOVE – Growing Lovely


The idea for a Software as a Service Platform is born

MAR 2017

NETWAYS Web Services goes live

Feb 2018

We hit the first 1,000 registrations

OCT 2018

NETWAYS Cloud based on OpenStack is released

MAR 2020

NETWAYS Managed Kubernetes is released

NOV 2020

Rollout of the Jitsi App and #stayathome campaigns

JAN 2021

We reached 10.000 registrations

FEB 2021

Our website and customer portal get a redesign

MAY 2022

NETWAYS Managed Database is released

SEP 2022

Our Team now consists of 15 people

OCT 2022

Sebastian becomes CEO of NWS

DEC 2022

NWS ID is released

FEB 2024

New NWS Partner model

How About a Job at NWS? Join Our Team!

If you’re interested in becoming part of the NWS team, head over to our jobs site to learn more about the people of the NETWAYS familiy first! And then check out what we’re looking for and feel free to apply, whether it’s an open position or an initiative application: we’d love to hear from you!