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S3 and Swift API

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Powered by Ceph

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Pay-as-you-go | Scale on demand |Cancel at any time

* This is a rough estimate based on our current prices. The expansion of services may lead to increased costs. Please see our pricing page for detailed informations.

 S3 / Swift Object Storage Features

As your business grows and your requirements change, you no longer need to estimate how much storage you will need in the future. With your NETWAYS Cloud Object Storage you are flexible and always well positioned!


Your data is bundled with customizable metadata tags and a unique identifier to form objects, stored in a flat address space.

S3 compatible

S3 is the protocol developed by Amazon – Swift is OpenStack’s counterpart. With us, it’s possible to access your storage with both.

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Web Assets

Put your static web content in your Object Storage and load assets from there while your web application stays stateless and smooth.

Use-Case Scenarios

Assets and Content delivery

S3 / Swift Object Storage is a fundamental component in modern web applications, ensuring reliable storage, secure access, and efficient content delivery to users.

Web assets like images, videos, CSS files, and JavaScript files are uploaded directly to the Object Storage Service. Instead of storing the assets within the web application’s local directory. Your application remains stateless. The user’s browser requests and receives the assets directly from the Object Storage service through HTTPs.

This architecture enables the horizontal scale out of your application, by leveraging virtually unlimited storage capacity of the Object Storage.

Backups & Disaster Recovery

Storing backups in S3 / Swift Object Storage is a reliable and cost-effective way to ensure the safety and accessibility of your data.

To maintain multiple versions of your backups and protect against accidental deletions or modifications, you can enable versioning for the S3-bucket / swift-container. This ensures that even if a file is overwritten or deleted, previous versions are preserved.

Configure lifecycle policies to automatically transition backups to delete them when they are no longer needed based on your retention policies.

Protected and ensured data

Operating Systems

Distributed and Replicated

All data is replicated three times and distributed across failure domains. Replicas are never stored on the same disk, host or availability zone.

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ISO-27001 certified Datacenters

All data is stored GDPR compliant in ISO-27001 datacenters located in Germany.

Do more with your S3/Swift Storage

Make your cloud project a great fit by choosing only the resources that you need, in exactly the right size and amount, and scaling out and in anytime. Our NETWAYS Cloud Services based on OpenStack offer many compute, storage and network resources designed with newest technology. Create your modern IT infrastructure with ease.

Fly high with our Cloud

Cloud Services are a crucial part of modern computing, offering a flexible and scalable virtual infrastructure. With us, as a GDPR-compliant hosting provider with ISO-27001 certified data centers in Germany, you can launch your reliable Cloud Services in just minutes!

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Dynamically adapt to changing requirements. We provide the resources, as needed. Ready, whenever you are.

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We’re built for scale out – and so is our NWS Cloud, based on OpenStack. With us, even sky is not the limit.

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We’ve seen it all. So we know how to handle tricky situations. Make the most of your Cloud Infrastructure – with us.
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GDPR Compliant

Data Security and Privacy never get old. And we never get tired of keeping your data safe, here in Germany.
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Get things done with us in a timely manner and pay only for what you use. Saving costs? Sounds savvy.

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Focus On You

You know your core business best. So do we, when it comes to managing Cloud infrastructures.

Usage Examples

Create Your Instance using a Command Line Interface (CLI), the REST-API, or our Webinterface.

S3cmd CLI

Use the S3cmd CLI command to store, list, receive and delete a file.

s3cmd ls s3://BUCKETNAME s3cmd get s3://BUCKETNAME/FILENAME


The provided REST-API allows you to create an Object. There are also libraries for the most popular programming languages available.

curl -X PUT \
  -H "Authorization: ACCESSKEYID:SecretAccessKey" \
  -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
  --data-binary "@/path/to/your/file.json" \


Browse your Objects and Buckets using the NETWAYS Web Services Cloud Web Interface.

(OpenStack Horizon)

S3 / Swift Object Storage Horizon Web

Nice to know

What are the advantages of object storage?
  • Scalability: Object storage can easily scale to accommodate large amounts of data, by adding more nodes to the storage cluster.
  • Durability: Data in object storage systems is typically stored redundantly across multiple nodes, making it highly durable.
  • Accessibility: Object storage allows for easy access to data from anywhere in the world over the internet.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Object storage can be more cost-effective than traditional storage systems, as it allows for the storage of large amounts of data at a lower cost per gigabyte.
  • Flexibility: Object storage supports a variety of data types and formats, making it suitable for a wide range of use cases.
Is the NWS object storage compatible to industry standards like S3?
Yes, Ceph object storage is compatible with industry standards like S3. Ceph provides an S3-compatible interface for object storage called RADOS Gateway (RGW). RGW is an object storage gateway that allows applications to store and retrieve data using the S3 API. It supports all S3 API operations, including authentication, bucket and object operations, and lifecycle management.

RGW can be deployed in front of the Ceph storage cluster, providing a unified storage solution for object, block, and file storage. This makes it possible to use Ceph as a single, unified storage platform for a variety of workloads, including cloud-native applications and traditional enterprise workloads.

Can I use objects directly in my application?

Yes, you can use objects from an object storage directly in your application. Object storage is designed to provide a simple and flexible way to store and retrieve data over the internet, which makes it an ideal storage solution for modern cloud-based applications.

Object storage provides a REST API that allows you to access objects from anywhere in the world over the internet. You can use this API to upload, download, and manage objects stored in the object storage system directly from your application code.

Most object storage systems also provide SDKs and libraries in a variety of programming languages that simplify the process of accessing and manipulating objects in the storage system. These SDKs and libraries provide a higher-level abstraction over the REST API, making it easier to integrate object storage with your application.

Who can I contact in Case of a Problem?
You can get help at nws@netways.de and in the LiveChat at the bottom right.

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