S3/Swift Object Storage

Limitless Storage Space

With S3, Amazon has created a standard for Object Storage, which is directly supported by many applications and used by many web developers.

With Swift, the OpenStack project has an S3-compatible offer ready, which allows you to use all advantages in the private or public cloud – without having to depend on Amazon.

With our Object Storage in the NETWAYS Cloud, you can work with both protocols. You can upload and download files as so-called objects in our highly available online ceph storage distributed across two locations.

What are the advantages of S3/Swift?


S3 is the protocol developed by Amazon for its Object Store, Swift is the equivalent of OpenStack. You can access the NETWAYS Cloud storage with both access modes.

Limitless Space

The object store provides unlimited storage for all types of files, applications, and data.

Cost efficiency

Only the data actually used will be calculated, not a potential volume size.

Temporary files

Users can save temporary files for which they set an expiration date. The file will be automatically removed after a certain time.

Variable access

With the NETWAYS Cloud Object Store, users can also publish objects to anyone or restrict them to certain users with a password.

Highest security and integrity

Each object is replicated three times and distributed to two locations in our German data centers to ensure the highest security standards.


S3/Swift is a dynamic and flexible storage solution for which we can provide the necessary data security with our distributed environment via two ISO27001-certified data centers in Nuremberg. In addition, you can use S3/Swift with a German provider, which is also necessary due to the GDPR/DSGVO for many.

Target Group

  • Web developers of all kinds for whom S3 or Swift is a household name
  • Projects (Hosting) who need more than one virtual machine / server due to the number of visitors
  • Projects that use containers (Docker, Kubernetes, Mesos)

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