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Pricing Structure for Cloud Services

All resources are billed hourly on a monthly basis.

Virtual Machines

Virtual Machines are available in different flavors. 

Custom flavors for specific workloads can be used and are calculated by adding up the individual resources.

NameCPUSpeicherFestplatteStundeTag30 Tage


CPU is accounted per core and memory per GB allocated RAM.

ResourceStundeTag30 Tage
CPU Core0.003463€0.083112€≈ 2.49€
RAM, per GB0.002786€0.066864€≈ 2.01€


Block-Devices (Local SSDs, CEPH-Volumes) can be attached to VMs and are billed per provided GB.

Object Storage (Swift or S3) is billed factual usage per GB.

Snapshots of Virtual Machines or custom images are accounted per GB used.

ResourceStundeTag30 Tage
Volume (Ceph-RBD), per GB0.000143€0.003432€≈ 0.10€
Volume High-IOPS (Ceph-RBD), per GB0.000206€0.004944€≈ 0.15€
Local SSD, per GB0.000143€0.003432€≈ 0.10€
Shared Storage (NFS), per GB0.000143€0.003432€≈ 0.10€
Object Storage (S3/Swift), per GB0.000143€0.003432€≈ 0.10€
Snapshot, per GB0.000048€0.001152€≈ 0.03€
Image, per GB0.000143€0.003432€≈ 0.10€


Traffic-Accounting is based on samples leaving or reaching our edge network devices. Traffic between Virtual Machines and Availability Zones is free.

Network elements are charged per started or configured unit.

ResourceStundeTag30 Tage
Traffic, ingress and egress leaving our datacenter per GB----≈ 0.05€
Load Balancer, per unit0.027778€0.666672€≈ 20.00€
Security Groups, per unit0.003473€0.083352€≈ 2.50€
VPN, Endpoint per unit0.027778€0.666672€≈ 20.00€
Floating IP, per IP0.006941€0.166584€≈ 5.00€

Pricing Structure for Kubernetes


Pricing for Kubernetes clusters is based on actual usage.

Additional costs for Storage (S3 or Persistent Volume Claims), Load Balancers and Traffic may arise dynamically, if used.

Single Control PlaneHigh Available Control Plane
A minimal Kubernetes cluster setup consists of a single control plane and at least one worker node. (2 x s1.medium virtual machines + 2 x Floating IPs = 56.30€/month) See pricing of virtual machines above.

A Kubernetes cluster with a managed single control plane of course can also be configured with different virtual machine flavors and any number of worker nodes.
A high available control plane consists of two loadbalancers and three virtual machines serving services like etcd, kube-apiserver, kube-controller-manager, kube-scheduler, cloud-controller-manager, and other. That means at least 2x loadbalancers + 3 x s1.medium virtual machines + 1 x worker + 4 Floating IPs = ~152.60€ /month node is the minimal configuration. See pricing of virtual machines above.

A Kubernetes cluster with a managed high available control plane of course can also be configured with different virtual machine flavors and any number of worker nodes.

Pricing for our Open Source Apps


Please find our various models and detailed pricing for our Open Source App offering.

GitLab CE49.9999.99149.99
GitLab EE89.99149.99199.99
Icinga Master29.9949.9999.99
Icinga Satellite9.9919.9999.99
Suite CRM9.9924.9949.99

Pricing for MyEngineer


In addition to our products mentioned above, the MyEngineer is at your side with advice and support. We will be happy to create an offer tailored to you and your wishes on request. Please get in contact with us.

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