User Management


Customise Your Organisation.
As You Want and Need It.


What Makes NWS-ID so Special

NWS-ID Feature Users Management

User Management

Manage individual access rights and grant users the specific permissions tailored to their role.

NWS-ID Feature Rights Management

Group Management

By assigning permissions to a specific user group, you ensure access to authorized content only.

NWS-ID Feature Quick switch

Quick Switch

Need to jump from one organisation to another? NWS-ID makes it possible! All it takes to switch is just one click.

NWS-ID Feature You name it

You Name It

Use NWS-ID for private, business or institutional use and give your organisation(s) any name you want to!

NWS-ID Feature Security

Safety Always

NWS and highest security standards always go hand in hand. NWS-ID is no exception, thanks to 2FA.

NWS-ID Feature more to come

More To Come

Our work environment is innovative & agile. Surpassing yesterday. Enhancing wherever
we can. 

Map What Matches Your Specific Requirements

NWS-ID Organigram

Level up with NWS-ID!

We have enhanced our NWS Customer Interface with NWS-ID. Enter new heights with your own, personal user profile.

By having your own account, you’re able to create organisations, give specific permissions to user groups, and add the users who belong there. Scroll down for the exact definitions.

NWS-ID & Cloud: Match Made In Heaven

It’s a Match!

Are you using our Cloud Services? Great, because they are now integrated with NWS-ID!

Combining these two services make your daily work easier, because you can use a single login for both interfaces, switch effortlessly between OpenStack projects, use two-factor authentication  and authorise your colleagues to access your OpenStack projects!

PS: K8s is also in the making!

NWS-ID Organigram

What Is Nice To Know

What is an Organisation?

Every user can create organisations and name them the way they want it. Whether it’s for private or business use or as an institution: it’s all possible!

What are User Groups good for?

The buzzword is Role-Based Access! Permissions are being distributed on the user groups level. An organisation can have several user groups with either one, some or all permissions.

What Permissions are there?

On user group level, you assign the following permissions:

Access = has reading access only
Manage = can change product settings, resources, and other
Destroy = can delete product contracts
Billing = can download billing only

Will NWS-ID cost Anything?

No. NWS-ID is an enhancement to our current NWS Customer Interface, and doesn’t cost a penny.

Who can I contact in Case of a Problem?

You can get help at nws@netways.de and in the LiveChat at the bottom right.

Need More Info Around NWS-ID?

We know – new things take time to get used to. That’s why where here for you to answer any questions, clear all concerns or receive feedback: get in touch with us by using the LiveChat in the bottom right corner, for example.

We are happy to hear from you!