TRINUTS | Case Study


Today, the Trinuts team nods to each other in a relaxed manner. The processes are right, the customers are satisfied. “Professional, approachable, creative,” is how Managing Director Frank Siebert describes his company’s work and IT services.

Since 1998, Trinuts Kommunikation Dienstleistungen Anwendungen GmbH, or Trinuts GmbH for short, with its headquarters in Unterhaching just outside Munich, has stood for pragmatic solutions for small and medium-sized companies and municipalities. The focus is on the integration and optimization of existing IT systems. The provision of web-based services for public administrations plays a central role. “Wherever possible, we want to support complex processes in administrations in such a way that the workload of employees is reduced, freeing up resources for other important tasks.”

One of the solutions from Trinuts is kitaVM, a web-based solution for managing and booking daycare places: “Children should play, experience and learn with their peers in a good environment – and be well cared for and supported at the same time. But in many communities, the allocation of childcare places is a nerve-wracking process for all parties involved – parents, facilities and administration – every year anew,” the company describes the plight of its customers. What needs to be in place is clear: above all, clear coordination processes. kitaVM makes it easy for municipalities to plan demand and allocate childcare places.


“It’s not technical problems that threaten a project,” is Siebert’s experience. However, they were denied the clear coordination processes and dialogue that Trinuts enables for its clients by their own previous hosting provider. “The support was meager and not very customer-friendly. Support requests were handled sluggishly.”

We buffered many problems internally,” Siebert recalls of the time before 2018. Users of Trinuts services thus didn’t notice too much of the disruptions. Fortunately. But scaling up was not possible, and working overall felt unsafe.

“When the sale also meant that our previous service provider’s data center was moving abroad, it was clear that we had to switch.” This was because compliance with German data protection regulations, which is important for Trinuts, was no longer a given. For municipalities and independent organizations in particular, the secure, certified operation of their IT in German data centers is urgently required.


Today, Frank Siebert and his company feel optimally supported again to tackle new challenges in the future.

In 2018, the cooperation with NETWAYS began. “The colleagues at NWS were good at understanding our situation and quickly came up with sensible implementation proposals,” says Siebert. “Now our entire server infrastructure runs at NETWAYS.” Trinuts GmbH uses the NETWAYS Cloud based on OpenStack, giving it the flexible and secure virtual development, test and production systems it needs. With MyEngineer, a systems engineer from NETWAYS is available to them at all times as a direct point of contact for advice and support.

The NETWAYS Cloud, hosted in the ISO 27001-certified data center at the Nuremberg site, runs the aforementioned kitaVM, along with other products such as mykitaVM, a nationwide parent portal for finding and registering daycare places, and kitaTP for managing daycare centers, as well as all of the company’s other customer projects.

Siebert greatly appreciates the NETWAYS Cloud because it is extremely flexible and very scalable. “It’s just right for us because we always need resources for projects and new services, which allows us to react quickly.”

The move of our systems was supported in the best possible way.” An unforeseen difficulty arose during the mail server move because of the transfer of aliases and forwardings. The problem was basically not a technical one, but was based on initially insufficient communication and was quickly resolved.


At Trinuts, they appreciate the personal and direct cooperation, especially with NETWAYS colleagues Manfred Schlutz, Fabian Rothlauf and Georg Mimietz. Manfred was Trinuts’ contact person in the sales team, while Fabian and Georg are there for Trinuts as NETWAYS MyEngineers with individually tailored service and support. Above all, the “excellent accessibility and consideration of NETWAYS colleagues to identify potential problems in advance and react accordingly provide relief.”

For Trinuts, a lot has changed since 2018. Internal resources can be used more sensibly, processes can be better structured. The NETWAYS Cloud provides a much more stable environment for development and production. This technological flexibility and the excellent customer service give Trinuts security and enable “a professional appearance towards our customers”.

Managing Director Frank Siebert is positive about the future: “We want to scale our current service offering and establish ourselves as the first port of call for optimizing the management, planning and allocation of childcare places.”