Web Accelerator

Accelerate your website!


NWS WebAccelerator cuts your website’s loading time by multiple times. Faster loading time means reducing your bounce rates and thus lead to better conversion.



Have your NWS WebAccelerator setup in minutes. All you need is to provide your SSL-certificate and redirect your domain. It won’t get any easier to boost your website.


Free up computing resources on your server by letting NWS WebAccelerator serve your assets. With focus on speed, all assets are compressed and delivered multi threaded to the client. NWS WebAccelerator will not interfere with your application backend.

Increase Performance
Custom Maintenance Page


Provide an individual maintenance page to your customers, when your backend is accidentally out of service or under maintenance.


  • Latest SSL standards
  • Manually clear cache
  • Configurable TTL (Time to live)
  • Supports multiple Backends (Load Balancing)
  • Compression


  • Hosted in Germany: We provide highest industry standard
  • Managed Hosting: Updates, backups and availability are handled by a team of experts
  • One click setup: Apps are immediately available
  • Monthly Cancellation: Cancel your subscription on a monthly basis

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  • Basic

    • Up to 512 concurrent connections
    • 1 caching instance
    • Up to 64 MB memory used for caching
    • Monthly callable
    • Recommended for startups
  • Advanced


    • Up to 1024 concurrent connections
    • loadbalanced over 2 caching instances
    • Up to 128 MB memory used for caching
    • Monthly callable
    • Recommended for SMEs
  • Premium

    • Up to 2048 concurrent connections
    • loadbalanced over 4 caching instances
    • Up to 256 MB memory used for caching
    • Monthly callable
    • Recommended for enterprises
  • Custom

    • Need anything more special?
    • Get in touch with our team of experts to discuss a customized solution for you.