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The Open Source alternative to VMware

Moving from VMware to NETWAYS Cloud gives you more sovereignty, vendor neutrality, open source and open standards. These factors collectively contribute to a more agile, cost-effective, and future-proof cloud infrastructure.

Vendor Neutrality

OpenStack, based on open source and open standards, avoids vendor lock-in and promotes collaboration.

Cost Efficiency

Migrating to OpenStack from VMware offers substantial cost savings by eliminating pricey proprietary licenses.


Experience the Freedom and Flexibility of Pay-As-You-Go, No-Term Contracts and tailored solutions to you.

Designed with DevOps Spirit for Pioneers

Our NETWAYS Cloud Services are waiting for you! Quickly setup virtual machines (VMs), storage and networks, and dynamically adapt them to changing requirements. Automate your jobs. Maximize the potential of your cloud computing infrastructure with our two highly secure, highly available and redundantly connected data centers in Germany. Ensure GDPR-compliance while experiencing improved stability and superior performance.

Welcome to your NETWAYS Cloud Services based on OpenStack!

Hosted, managed and made with love in Germany.

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Seamless IT Migration – Meet the MyEngineers

Embark on a seamless VMware migration journey with our dedicated assistance. Introducing MyEngineer, your personal systems engineer, ensuring the optimal flow for your IT needs. Our expert team ensures a smooth transition, minimizing disruptions to your operations.

Michael Kübler

Martin Schuster

That could be you!

Valeria Thiele


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Learn more about the migration path from VMware to NWS.

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