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Jitsi is your tool for uncomplicated and secure video conferencing based on open source. You can use the app on all your devices: whether it’s your desktop, smartphone or tablet, for private or professional use. Nowadays, homeoffice, remote work and private online communication have become an absolute standard – Jitsi is the perfect app for all of this!

With your Managed Jitsi you always have the latest version and don’t have to worry about updates, backups & co. The app just runs!

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“Creating your own moderator accounts and being able to change the authentication method to JWT tokens are just a few feature examples, which show that it’s worth taking a look at Jitsi at NWS.”

Gabriel Hartmann

More than just a Video Conference


Grant access to your computer screen via Jitsi. This allows all meeting participants to see your screen activity in real time! Especially for web conferencing, online presentations and trainings, it saves time and money, speeds up problem solving and enables efficient collaboration.

For technical reasons, we recommend a maximum of 20-40 users in a Jitsi room. How many users a room can have also depends on your local bandwidth: 1.5 MBPS per user is required if camera and microphone are enabled. If both are disabled, less bandwidth is used, because no traffic is generated this way. It is therefore called a “top-down session”.

After creating and entering your Jitsi room, you can set a password, which will be reset after closing. This way, you protect your meeting from unknown third parties and your conversation is safe! To set your own password, start a Jitsi meeting room, click on the lock icon at the bottom right and set your password.

User / password authentication is configured by default. Resetting a password, deleting or adding a user is possible at any time. Password authentication can be replaced by JWT authentication.

Upload your own logo and background image. Change the background color, the links of the watermark, privacy or imprint buttons – almost everything is customizable! Create a new touchpoint for your brand identity, and give your Jitsi an individual look!

Every Jitsi app has a domain generated by the NWS platform. You can add a free and customized CNAME or your own domain. Secure it with your own SSL certificate or with our LetsEncrypt option.

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With us, you have the opportunity to use your Jitsi app for 30 days free of charge – without a subscription trap. We put our trust in you.

Security Standards

Data security and protection are a must for you? Great – same here! With us, you can rely on GDPR-compliance.

Flexible Pricing

Choose from different price packages the one that suits you best. If you need an individual package, please contact us.

Data Centers in Germany

Your Jitsi app is hosted in our ISO-certified data centers in Nuremberg. You can be sure that your data is safe.

World-class Support

With us, you won’t end up in a hotline queue. Just talk to us – we are happy to support you and solve your problems. Anytime!

Always Up-to-date

Sit back and relax! We’ll make sure your Jitsi App is updated regularly and thus stays up-to-date!

“The privacy-friendly nature of NWS Jitsi meets all the requirements of physical meeting rooms in the virtual world. This means, important appointments, from departmental meetings to confidential discussions, can also take place in the home office.”

Markus Petzold, Senior System Administrator IT Operations, Ostsächsische Sparkasse Dresden

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Technical Support

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Jitsi Basic

€ 24.99
per month

Basic Features

Up to 25 Users
(€1 per user)
Moderators: 3

Jitsi Medium

€ 39.99
per month

Medium Features

Up to 50 Users
(€ 0.79 per user)

Moderators: 6

Jitsi Advanced

€ 69.99
per month

Advanced Features

Up to 100 Users
(€ 0.70 per user)

Moderators: 11

Jitsi Professional

€ 149.99
per month

Professional Features

Up to 250 Users
(€ 0.60 per user)

Moderators: 16

Jitsi Premium

€ 249.99
per month

Premium Features

Up to 500 Users
(€ 0.50 per user)

Moderators: 26

Custom Made

Need anything more special?
Looking for a solution for your school and/or administration?
Do you have more than 500 users?
Get in touch with our team!

All Jitsi instances are failsafe replicated across two data centers with servers in Germany. All data centers are ISO-27001 certified. Updates and Etherpad are included in our monthly packages.


Who can I contact if I have a problem?

You can always get help at and in the live chat at the bottom right of your screen.

For which target group is Jitsi suitable?

Jitsi can be used by anyone who wants to communicate online via video conferencing – whether for business or private use.

Where can I find the moderator password?

You can find the password and user name at > Jitsi-App > Access.

Can I change the moderator password?

No, it is a fixed password that cannot be changed.

How many people can use a Jitsi conference room at the same time?

Jitsi can easily host 50 users in a Jitsi conference room! For more than 50 users, we recommend using Topdown: this means that only one person uses the video/audio transmission and all other users disable their transmissions. This is especially useful for schools, training sessions, and any large meetings.

Can I set a password for a Jitsi conference room?

Yes! After creating and entering your conference room, you can set a password that will be reset when you close the conference room. To set your own password, start a Jitsi conference room, click the lock icon at the bottom right and set your password.

Can I record a Jitsi video conference?

Currently, there is no way to start a video recording in our Jitsi app. You can start a screen recording on your computer and upload the recording to a platform of your choice.


Launch QuickTime Player, right-click the icon in the taskbar, click New Screen Recording, and select the screen with your Jitsi session.


Linux (Ubuntu):

Start recording with Ctrl+Alt+Shift+R, a red circle in the upper corner indicates that recording is running. Default stop of recording is after 30 seconds. Stop recording manually with the same key combination you use to start recording.

To change the recording duration, install dconf editor in the Ubuntu software, launch it and go to /org/gnome/settings-daemon/plugins/media-keys/max-screencast-length to change the duration to a value higher than 3600 (1 hour). The key combination can be changed at /org/gnome/settings-daemon/plugins/media-kefys/screencast.


Windows 10 (VLC Media Player):

Open VLC Media Player, click Media in the upper left corner and select Open Recording Device. Under Recording Mode at the top, switch to Desktop and set the frame rate (FPS). Then click the small arrow under Playback and click Convert. With the option Target file you can now select the directory and the name or the recording. As soon as you click Start, the recording will begin.

When can I cancel the app?

You can cancel Jitsi in the contract overview under Manage Contract either monthly or annually.

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