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Every Jitsi app comes with a domain, generated by the NWS platform. You can add a free and individual CNAME or your own domain. Secure it with your own SSL cert or with our LetsEncrypt option.

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Jitsi is a multi-platform Open Source video conferencing platform. HD video and voice is running smoothly even in larger groups.

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Moderators: 6

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Moderators: 11

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Moderators: 16

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Moderators: 26

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Due to technical limitations, we recommend 20-40 users max in one room. How many users a room can have is also limited by your local bandwith. 1,5 MBPS / per user is used, when camera and microphone are activated. Less bandwith is used, when both are disabled, since it doesn’t cause any traffic that way. It’s therefore called a “top-down session”, especially applicable for schools. Our moderators are admin users in a meeting room. You can share the password with your colleagues and friends, since they are not just usable by one user and resettable at any time. Jitsi also limits its rooms to 75 users max. All Jitsi instances are located over 2 datacenters with serves located in Germany. All datacenters have a ISO27001 certification. Updates and Etherpad are also inclusive in our monthly callable packages.


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