FAQ – MyEngineer


What can you do with MyEngineer?

MyEngineer works just like any of our other apps, but is more support based. With the click of a button you can summon one of our engineers in your time of need. Think of it as having an extra pair of hands with years of experience and ready to serve, whether it‘s for monitoring, troubleshooting or even taking over some of your tasks freeing up some of your own time.

Do I have an overview of the billed times?

Yes, of course. You can view your calculated times at any time and can be found in the MyEngineer View in the time recording tab.

Do I also get a MyEngineer for a SaaS App?

Unfortunately not, our engineers are only available for Kubernetes and OS. If you require further information regarding your SaaS apps, please go to nws.netways.de/resources/faq and all of your questions will be answered. In the off chance that you have a question that isn‘t already included, feel free to send us an email at info@netways.de

Can I request the same MyEngineer or do I always get a different one?

If they are available then of course we will try and keep you paired with your preferred engineer, but when it comes to 24/7 service, he may not be available. He needs to recharge his batteries every now and then!

Is my MyEngineer based in Germany?

Yes. We don‘t outsource any of our support, we do it all ourselves. We want to make sure that we are looking after you and so that we are sure that you get the right support you need.

What services does MyEngineer provide?

Anything you need whether it‘s support with technical difficulties or trouble starting a project. Sometimes it helps having an outside perspective to give you that kick-start to your project. We also offer help getting started with and maintaining Kubernetes and also cloud services.

Is it safe to use MyEngineer?

Absolutely, everything spoken about stays with us. We have no interest in third-parties and any problems you have stay completely in house. Your data also stays safe with us, so no need to worry there.

Does the MyEngineer speak English?

Yes! All of our MyEngineers are able to speak english (very well too!). So if you are not a native German speaker or feel more comfortable speaking in English, we can accommodate for you.

When can I contact MyEngineer?

Per email 8×5 Monday – Friday and 24/7 by phone and even the possibility for us to meet you on premises too!

How is the time spent with my MyEngineer calculated?

We calculate the time based on every start of 15 minutes. That means that if the time spent with your MyEngineer is 28 minutes you will only be charged for two 15 minute sessions.

How can I cancel my MyEngineer?

If you no longer require the MyEngineer service you can head over to your “My Apps“ section and from there you are able to cancel your service.