Make smarter, faster and better sales decisions!


SuiteCRM – the Open Source Salesforce replacement. Engage with your customers without the constraints of per-user charges. SuiteCRM is based on SugarCRM and enterprise ready to boost your sales and marketing campaigns.

Customer journey
Boost sales


Focus on selling and customer service by automating repetitive tasks with SuiteCRM's comprehensive workflow module. Enable your sales people to concentrate on making your business successful by removing low value administration tasks. Produce beautiful quotations, keep an eye on your sales pipeline, make sure your contracts are renewed and your leads are followed without any delays.


Organize your customers and accounts in target lists with ease and produce engaging marketing campaigns. Every newsletter and email campaign is designed with SuiteCRM's wizard, which guides you through the whole process and makes marketing as easy as it should be.

Take care of your customers


Create support cases with one click, keep all your support contracts in one system and be the smart and responsive company that your customers value. The customer self-service portal in SuiteCRM enables your customers to open cases on their own and your service team will be instantly notified of customer issues.


  • Support for SugarCRM/SuiteCRM extensions
  • Workflow integration
  • Global full text search
  • Fair price plans: No per user charge
  • No lock-in: Easily migrate your data
  • Access from anywhere and any device


  • Hosted in Germany: We provide highest industry standards
  • Managed Hosting: Updates, backups and availability are handled by a team of experts
  • One click setup: Apps are immediately available
  • Monthly Cancellation: Cancel your subscription on a monthly basis

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  • Basic

    • Up to 5 users
    • Up to 5000 documents
    • Global full text search
    • Monthly callable
    • Recommended for startups
  • Advanced


    • Up to 25 users
    • Up to 25000 documents
    • Global full text search
    • Monthly callable
    • Recommended for SMEs
  • Premium

    • Up to 100 users
    • Up to 100000 documents
    • Global full text search
    • Monthly callable
    • Recommended for enterprises
  • Custom

    • Need anything more special?
    • Get in touch with our team of experts to discuss a customized solution for you.