Coordinate and manage customer requests, internal project tasks and workflows with Request Tracker.

Issue tracking made easy!


Manage your clients’ requests directly. Request Tracker works seamlessly with your primary E-Mail adresses.

  • Integrate your existing e-mail accounts
  • Use our predefined accounts for plug and play onboarding


There is no need to adapt your workflow. Request Tracker is reproducing your existing individual workflow.


Problems are solved faster and easier in collaboration. Share views and information with your coworkers or even involve your customers by granting them direct access to your Request Tracker ticket queue.

Increase Performance
Request Tracker Features


  • Fine grained rights and permissions
  • Multiple search options
  • Automatic notifications via E-Mail
  • Full custom field support
  • Self-Service Customer Portal


  • Hosted in Germany: We provide highest industry standard
  • Managed Hosting: Updates, backups and availability are handled by a team of experts
  • One click setup: Apps are immediately available
  • Monthly Cancellation: Cancel your subscription on a monthly basis

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For Your Customers

Increase your customer satisfaction by solving their issues faster, with more reliability and more transparency. Complex and recurring issues or cases will be aggregated in one comprehensive thread per issue.

For Your Team

Working on a particular case as a group can be challenging. Request Tracker is made genuinely with collaboration in mind. Its ability to create a history event log, share or assign issues between different owners or even different departments contribute to your success.