Icinga 2 Satellite is the ideal enhancement for your existing monitoring environment.

Monitor your services from a different perspective!


Icinga 2 Satellite helps you to check your services from your customer’s point of view. Get insights into your service metrics by choosing different locations around the globe.

Currently available locations:

  • US West

    North California

  • Europe


  • Asia/Pacific


Satellite map


Be aware of service issues before your customers are. Get notified from an independent external source, because information may vary from different perspectives. Icinga 2 Satellite is shipped with an SMS notification handler.


We offer on-demand custom CA support. Use your self-signed certificates for Icinga 2 internal communications. By default Icinga 2’s CSR auto signing mechanism is used.

Custom CA Support
Check Plugins


There are multiple preselected check plugins available for the most common scenarios. Monitor all kinds of different services including your self-operated Icinga 2 monitoring instance.

  • Web service checks


  • E-Mail service checks


  • Availability checks

    Ping, ICMP, TCP/UDP

  • Icinga 2

    Icinga 2's customized protocol

All check plugins include performance metrics like latency, execution time and status codes.

Learn how to integrate our Icinga 2 Satellite into your existing data center monitoring system based on Icinga 2 and proceed to check your hosts and services from another location.



  • Hosted in Germany: We provide highest industry standards
  • Managed Hosting: Updates, backups and availability are handled by a team of experts
  • One click setup: Apps are immediately available
  • Monthly Cancellation: Cancel your subscription on a monthly basis

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Monitor your monitoring

Monitoring a business critical system is very important - and so is your monitoring.

With an external Icinga 2 Satellite instance you can ensure you are always informed about your infrastructure’s health. Even if your internal monitoring is not running properly.

For Enterprises

Operating a high performance infrastructure is crucial for offering web services successfully. Studies show that conversion rates and visitor count can significantly decrease with higher web page loading times. Loading times are directly influenced by the client’s location.

Get location based performance metrics from different locations to bring yourself into your customers point of view with the help of our Icinga 2 Satellite.

  • Basic

    • Up to 15 service checks
    • Up to 5 hosts
    • Minimum interval: 5 minutes
    • 15 text notifications/month included
    • Monthly callable
    • Recommended for startups
  • Advanced


    • Up to 50 service checks
    • Up to 25 hosts
    • Minimum interval: 5 minutes
    • Highspeed checks: 5 (every minute)
    • 25 text notifications/month included
    • Monthly callable
    • Recommended for SMEs
  • Premium

    • Up to 100 service checks
    • Up to 50 hosts
    • Minimum interval: 5 minutes
    • Highspeed checks: 25 (every minute)
    • 50 text notifications/month included
    • Monthly callable
    • Recommended for enterprises
  • Custom

    • Need anything more special?
    • Get in touch with our team of experts to discuss a customized solution for you.