Manage your entire software development lifecycle with GitLab Enterprise Edition.

Supercharge your development process!


Enable all features by using your already existing GitLab EE license or purchase a new one from GitLab directly.

Single tenant solution


Our environment secures and isolates all GitLab EE instances from each other. Computing resources are exclusively reserved for your app.


Compile, debug and build your projects with GitLab Runner, no matter if you use the bundled GitLab Runner or integrate your own runners. All runners reside in additional and individual virtual machines hosted in our private cloud.

Gitlab ee runner


  • Gitlab EE features according to your license
  • Unlimited public and private repos
  • Issue Boards with Milestones
  • LDAP or OAuth Integration
  • Project importing
  • Burndown Charts
  • Powerful APIs
  • Advanced Global/Syntax Search
  • Code Quality


If your project is based on Docker you can profit from the integrated Docker Registry and the Docker based executor within the bundled GitLab Runner.



  • Hosted in Germany: We provide highest industry standards
  • Managed Hosting: Updates, backups and availability are handled by a team of experts
  • One-click setup: Apps are immediately available
  • Monthly Cancellation: Cancel your subscription on a monthly basis

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For Devs

As a developer, you just love git. GitLab takes care of the whole product development lifecycle. GitLab is your base - from starting with ideas, through the development process, up to the release.

For Ops

Configuration and management of modern infrastructure environments rely more and more on source code. GitLab helps you in realizing and reacting to rapidly changing business needs without getting lost.

  • Basic

    • Good for up to 50 users
    • Docker Registry Volume: 50 GB
    • GitLab Runner: 1 (4 jobs)
    • Private Repos: unlimited
    • Public Repos: unlimited
    • Monthly callable
  • Advanced


    • Good for up to 100 users
    • Docker Registry Volume: 200 GB
    • GitLab Runner: 1 (4 jobs)
    • Private Repos: unlimited
    • Public Repos: unlimited
    • Monthly callable
  • Premium

    • Good for up to 200 users
    • Docker Registry Volume: 500 GB
    • GitLab Runner: 2 (8 jobs)
    • Private Repos: unlimited
    • Public Repos: unlimited
    • Monthly callable
  • Custom

    • Need anything more special?
    • Get in touch with our team of experts to discuss a customized solution for you.