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Powerful Abstraction

There are objects for any kind of ressources. Define what your cluster state should look like and Kubernetes is enforcing it. Pods, Services, Volumes and many more.


Service Discovery and Load Balancing

Your applications do not have to be adapted to a different service discovery mechanism. The load balancing and DNS management takes place automatically.


The restart of failed containers or take-over of the workload is managed automatically by Kubernetes. In addition, the functionality of the applications can be checked individually.

Automatic Storage Management

Deploy the storage system of your choice automatically, whether it’s local storage or our CEPH storage. Of course replicated over both of our ISO 27001 data centers.


Horizontal Scaling

Scale your application with a simple command-line command or use the Kubernetes web interface. Depending on CPU usage, new containers can be started automatically.


Run your CI/CD workloads on top of Kubernetes. There are plenty of existing integrations like GitLab Runners or the GitLab AutoDevOps Feature.

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We offer professional services at every level. From Infrastructure as as service, through private container platforms to finished Open Source apps. With the MyEngineer we are always personally there for you.

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NETWAYS Containers

Managed Kubernetes Features


Kubernetes Ready in Minutes

Creating your own Cluster is easy. Choose between a single or high available Control Plane. Set a number of nodes and select a flavor that fits your needs. Download your kubeconfig and start using kubectl. You are ready in minutes.

Object Storage

Every NETWAYS Containers Cluster comes with credentials for our own S3-compatible storage. Your data are replicated and distributed across two ISO 27001-certified data centers.

Managed Control Plane

You can decide between a standalone or a high available control plane. We monitor and operate it. 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Open Standards and APIs

We believe in Open Source and Open Standards. All Kubernetes Clusters are fully compatible to the upstream project as well as the underlying infrastructure based on OpenStack. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Persistent Volume Claims

In theory there is only stateless workload for your pods, for everthying else we support Persistent Volume Claims. Store your data beyond the life cycle of containers.

Load Balancer

Leverage from our Load Balancer as a Service for smooth deployments of Services and Ingress Controller.


We are happy to help you with your start into the container world with Kubernetes.


Sit back and relax – We take care of the operation of your environment, so you can focus on the essentials of your business. Of course, we tailor our services to your needs.

These are among others:

  • Architecture consulting
  • Migration of your project and your data
  • Configuration and Change Management
  • Monitoring, backup, updates, documentation
  • Scaling with highly available setups

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Kubernetes Pricing

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* A minimal Kubernetes cluster setup consists of a control plane and at least one worker node. (2x virtual machines + 2x Floating IPs)

Pricing for Kubernetes clusters is based on actual usage. Additional costs for Storage (S3 or Persistent Volume Claims), Load Balancers and Traffic may arise dynamically if used. Learn more about our pricing


World-class Support


Latest Technology




Flexible Payment