Backup your data with one click

In NETWAYS Cloud, you do not have to worry about backups yourself. For virtual machines the function “automatic backups” can be selected and deselected – it’s just that simple.

When this feature is used, all hard drives are backed up once a day and kept for 7 days. Backups older than 7 days will be automatically removed.

For this service only the cost of the extra space will be billed.

Automated Backups

  • Log in your NETWAYS Cloud account
  • Choose Snapshots
  • Backups VMs and Volumes
  • NETWAYS Cloud takes care of the rest


You can decide per VM if a backup is needed or not. This way test and pre-production systems can be excluded and database VMs with important data can easily be integrated into the backup. This gives you complete control over your costs and data.

Why do I want that?

Data security, data security, data security – very easy. Lost customer data is extremely painful, lost trust is hard to restore. Therefore, data security is very important.

Where do i start?

Register now and start right away. Everything is already set up for you.

And if you need any help, your MyEngineer is just a moment’s notice away. 


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