Software Defined Networking

Create your own virtual data center

With the OpenStack SDN the NETWAYS Cloud offers you the possibility to create your own networks – completely independently via our OpenStack backend. The design of the network runs as usual – web servers are accessible from the outside and database servers are only accessible internally. The image servers provide the corresponding images and the wiki with the work instruction is only reachable via VPN. This can all be done with “virtual network cables” via the OpenStack SDN with just a few clicks. And all without new network hardware, new cables, network admins and a lot of time. Everything is set up and made available by self-service.

Create your network in the NETWAYS Cloud


The main advantages are the fast provisioning of network resources and the free design of the network architecture. Control your costs by using our self-service OpenStack backend in the NETWAYS Cloud and build your network in a public cloud.

Target Group

Customers with larger hosting projects and the requirement for logical network separation – perfect for web agencies, hosting service providers without their own data center and providers of SaaS solutions that require a separation of customer networks.

Where do i start?

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We are happy to help with the integration of your favourite Open Source Application.

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