Create Your Own Virtual Data Center

Virtual Private Cloud

The Advantages of a Virtual Private Cloud

With VPCs running automatically after starting your Cloud, they are crucial for the NETWAYS Cloud infrastructure. Built on Software Defined Networks (SDNs), Virtual Private Clouds provide a predefined network that can be customized to fit your unique business needs.

Dynamically and flexibly hosted and managed in Germany.

Centralized Control

Create and separate networks quickly, so that you can adapt your IT to new business needs.

Single Tenant Network

With a high level of isolation and security for your applications and data, this kind of network architecture is used for a single user or organization.

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Floating IPs

Dynamically adjust traffic flow with Floating IPs: loadbalancing, firewalling or VPN.

Fly High With Our Cloud

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Dynamically adapt to changing requirements and environments. We provide the resources, as needed. Ready, whenever you are.
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We’re built for scale out – and so is our Managed Cloud, based on OpenStack. With us, even sky is not the limit.
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We’ve seen it all. So we know how to handle tricky situations. Make the most of your Cloud Infrastructure – with us.
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GDPR Compliant

Data Security and Privacy never get old. And we never get tired of keeping your data safe, here in Germany.
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Cost Efficient

Get things done with us in a timely manner and pay only for what you use. Saving costs? Sounds savvy.
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Focus On You

You know your core business best. So do we, when it comes to managing Cloud infrastructures.

Fair. Transparent. Valuable. That’s our Pricing.

What Is Nice To Know

What does SDN stand for?
SDN is the short term for Software-Defined Networking. SDN separates the control plane  from the data plane, which enables  network administrators to manage their network traffic in a more efficient and effective way.
Is it Possible to only use "SDN & Floating IPs" from NWS?
Yes, it is possible to only pay for the NETWAYS Managed Cloud Feature “SDN and Floating IPs”!
How much does the Feature "SDN and Floating IPs" cost?
Traffic-Accounting is based on samples leaving or reaching our edge network devices. Traffic between Virtual Machines and Availability Zones is free! Floating IPs is charged with a daily price of as little as 0.25 cents – per IP. Find more info on our pricing page.
Who can I contact in Case of a Problem?
You can get help at and in the LiveChat at the bottom right.

Need More Info Around the Cloud?

We know – new things take time to get used to. That’s why where here for you to answer any questions, clear all concerns or receive feedback: get in touch with us by using the LiveChat in the bottom right corner, for example. We are happy to hear from you!