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Flexible Resources

Get exactly what you need. The NETWAYS Cloud is perfect to create an IT infrastructure from scratch or extend an existing one. Unlike to other providers, creating multiple VPNs just works with a fingertip. Do it anytime. Your MyEngineer is at your side whenever you need help.

As much as you wish. Anytime.


TB Storage




Virtual Machines

Launch and use virtual machines in just seconds. There are several flavours and operating systems to fit your individual needs. Keep full root access of your machine or just extend it to a NETWAYS Managed VM to benefit from managed services and a team of experts.

Flexible Storage

Our distributed and replicated Ceph Storage hosted across two independent data centers is ready for your workload. Get the best solution for your needs. Attach additional volumes backed by Ceph RBDs or mount local SSDs for latency critical applications. Store your assets on a Swift or S3 compatible object storage.


Operate your own virtual data center. Separate and isolate networks and build your tailor-made environment. Spin up load balancers and assign virtual machines. Secure them by using firewall rules and connect an external network by VPN.

Comprehensive Featureset

Private Networking

Create your own VPNs between the NETWAYS Cloud and other IT infrastructures. Edge computing with your eyes on the data only.

VPN as a Service

Secure your traffic and your connections from your network and your services to the NETWAYS Cloud based on OpenStack.

Native API

We provide an OpenStack infrastructure with Native APIs. Using your favourite tool for automation has never been easier.

Load Balancer

Multiple application servers can be published using a single DNS name and IP. This makes scaling easy and your application is available at any time.


Create snapshots of every machine as often as you want. You can use our API or just mark a checkbox in the admin panel. We’ll take care of it.

Object Storage

Our S3 compatible storage backend is perfect for web applications and as content delivery network. Access public data from anywhere and anytime.

Local SSDs

A centralized storage will be not enough for high performance applications. SSDs are the perfect match for fast IO and are available in every zone.


Extend your volumes and create snapshots at anytime. We make sure they are available in your preferred location.

SDN & Floating IPs

You can assign floating IPs to every required virtual machine. You decide which resources are reachable from the outside and can adjust anytime.

Cost Explorer

NETWAYS Cloud gives you complete oversight over your monthly costs with an easy to use cost explorer.

Security Groups

Security Groups enable you to group multiple access rules in a single object. This makes it easy to grant access to a group of applications and servers.

Pre-Built Images

We provide images for all popular Operating Systems. Kickstart your infrastructure! Of course you can use whatever image you want.

Open Standards

Open interfaces guarantee flexible interoperability. Use the OpenStack API to launch instances, generate images, assign instance and image metadata, create storage containers and objects, and other actions in your OpenStack cloud. Configuration can be done at any time using the REST API, the OpenStack CLI, or popular third-party tools such as HashiCorp’s Terraform.

Start a virtual machine with Terraform
# Configure the OpenStack Provider
provider "openstack" {
  user_name   = "admin"
  tenant_name = "admin"
  password    = "pwd"
  auth_url    = ""
  region      = "RegionOne"

# Create a web server
resource "openstack_compute_instance_v2" "test-server" {
  count = "2"
  image_name = "CentOS7"
  availability_zone = "AZ1"
  flavor_id = "5"
  security_groups = ["default"]
  network {
    name = "public"
  user_data = "${file("")}"
Query of the current systems via cURL
$ curl -s -H "X-Auth-Token: $OS_TOKEN" \$OS_PROJECT_ID/servers \
  | python -m json.tool

    "servers": [
            "id": "41331256-abd6-402c-835b",
            "links": [
                    "href": "",
                    "rel": "bookmark"
            "name": "test-server"


Because we care about you!

Our service goes beyond an API. World-class support, for a more than competitive price.

Get the Best of both Worlds!

There is more than one single path to use the NETWAYS Cloud. No matter if you want to focus on your business and hand over the management of your infrastructure to us, or use modern DevOps tools to manage all your resources with Infrastructure as Code. We are the right fit for you.

Premium Managed Services

Tailored Infrastructure as a Service based on OpenStack.
Managed as much as you wish by MyEngineer.


A deep understanding of your business and applications is always important to us. Together we make your IT a great fit.


Highest industry standards are not optional. They are the foundation for our services. Your success is in good hands.


Your MyEngineer is at your side to support you. Focus on your business and we take care of the rest.

Public Cloud Flexibility

Easy, fast and reliable Infrastructure as Code for your applications.
Pay as you go and be ready in minutes. 


Bring your ideas to reality and benefit from our public cloud environment. Infrastructure no longer limits your creativity.


Use your favourite config management and deploy your app in minutes. APIs for all parts of your cloud. Access as you like it.


Start small and grow your applications whenever you need it. Your flexible infrastructure is always ready for you.


We take care of the operation of your environment, so you can focus on the essentials of your business.


Sit back and relax – We take care of the operation of your environment, so you can focus on the essential. Of course, we can tailor our services to your needs.

These are among others:

  • Architecture consulting
  • Migration of your project and your data
  • Configuration and Change Management
  • Monitoring, backup, updates, documentation
  • Scaling with highly available setups

Your MyEngineer

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Based on OpenStack


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