Introducing the NWS Kubernetes Playground

Introducing the NWS Kubernetes Playground

We are thrilled to introduce our brand-new NWS Kubernetes Playground! This interactive platform is designed to help you master cloud-native technologies, build confidence with tools like Kubernetes, and explore a range of NWS offerings – All for free!


What is the NWS Kubernetes Playground?

The Kubernetes Playground offers a unique, hands-on learning experience within a fully-fledged, free environment powered by NWS Kubernetes. Each playground comes with workshop-like instructions that guide you through small, bite-sized topics, perfect for learning in short bursts – whenever you’ve got a few minutes. Most sections include interactive tasks and quizzes to test your knowledge and reinforce what you’ve learned.

the landing page of the NWS playground

Hone your cloud-native skills with bite-sized labs around Kubernetes.


What’s Available

At launch, we are excited to offer three initial playgrounds that focus on the fundamentals of Kubernetes:

  1. Working with Pods:
    • Learn everything you need to know about Pods, from creation to troubleshooting.
    • Gain hands-on experience and a deep understanding of how Pods function within a Kubernetes environment.
  2. Working with Deployments:
    • Discover how to use Deployments to manage and scale your Kubernetes workloads.
    • Master essential concepts and practices to effectively deploy and maintain your applications.
  3. Kubernetes Sandbox:
    • Experiment freely with Kubernetes in this sandbox environment.
    • Explore NWS Managed Kubernetes-specific features like storage classes.
    • Enjoy a comprehensive space to practice without restrictions.


Getting Started

To dive into the world of Kubernetes, visit our playground and start your journey. Whether you’re following along with the written tutorials from our blog or exploring the Kubernetes Sandbox on your own, our playgrounds offer a practical and immersive learning experience.


screenshot of an NWS playground session

Interactive sessions provide information, knowledge checks, and interactive elements to improve your cloud-native skills


The Next Steps

Stay tuned for more! We are continuously developing new playgrounds and will announce new additions in our newsletter. Subscribe to stay up-to-date with the latest offerings and enhancements in our Kubernetes Playground.

With the NWS Kubernetes Playground, you can build a solid foundation in Kubernetes, advance your skills, and confidently navigate the complexities of cloud-native technologies.

For further details and updates, visit our blog and subscribe to our newsletter!