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Rocket.Chat is your tool for online communication, based on open source. The app can be used by everyone, no matter if it’s for private or professional use! Nowadays, home office, remote work and secure, stable and – most importantly – location independent communication have become an absolute standard: Rocket.Chat is the perfect app for this.

With your Managed Rocket.Chat you always have the latest version and don’t have to worry about updates, backups & Co. The app just runs!


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“The Rocket.Chat App from NWS is the carefree, uncomplicated solution for internal chat communication. And with its live chat function, we help our customers by supporting as quickly as possible.”

– Dominik Seidel

More than just a Chat


Include Rocket.Chat’s LiveChat feature on your website and allow users to interact with your business in real time. This way, questions from potential and existing customers are resolved immediately, without them having to wait hours or days for an email response. Try it out by using our LiveChat in the bottom right corner, and say hi! 

Easily share files with others via drag-and-drop: whether in a private chat or a group. Especially, when working remotely, screen sharing in integrated video chats is a great way to track your screen activity in real time, enabling efficient and location-independent collaboration!

Communicate with your friends and colleagues in the way that suits you best! From classic chatting via text message, to convenient voice messaging, to cutting-edge video telephony: Rocket.Chat has it all!

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With us, you have the opportunity to use your Rocket.Chat app free of charge for 30 days! And without a subscription trap – we put our trust in you.

Data Centers in Germany

Your Rocket.Chat app is hosted in our ISO-certified data centers in Nuremberg, Germany. You can be sure that your data is safe and sound.

Security Standards

Data security and protection are a must for you? Same here! With us, you can rely on GDPR-compliance. So, no data goes abroad!

World-class Support

With us, you won’t end up in the waiting loop of a hotline. Talk to us – we are happy to support you and solve your problems!

Flexible Pricing

Choose from different price packages the one that suits you best. If you need an individual package, please contact us.

Always Up-to-date

Sit back and relax! We’ll make sure your Rocket.Chat app is updated regularly and stays up-to-date!

Quick Start in 3 Easy Steps

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Register a new account or login with an existing one.

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Launch a single or multiple instances of your App.

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Login into your Rocket.Chat and start to use it in minutes.

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Technical Support

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€ 24.99
per month

Basic Features

Up to 250 Users
Channels: 10
Storage space: 20 GB


Common Features

File sharing
Server location: Germany
DC Certificate: ISO27001
Use our free CNAMEs
Backup: inclusive
LetsEncrypt Support
Monthly callable


€ 49.99
per month

Advanced Features

Up to 500 Users
Channels: 25
Storage space: 100 GB
Screen sharing: inclusive
Helpdesk Chat: inclusive

Common Features

File sharing
Server location: Germany
DC Certificate: ISO27001
Use our free CNAMEs
Backup: inclusive
LetsEncrypt Support
Monthly callable


€ 99.99
per month

Premium Features

Up to 1000 Users
Channels: 50
Storage space: 250 GB
Screen sharing: inclusive
Helpdesk Chat: inclusive

Common Features

File sharing
Server location: Germany
DC Certificate: ISO27001
Use our free CNAMEs
Backup: inclusive
LetsEncrypt Support
Monthly callable

Custom Made

Need anything more special?
Get in touch with our team!


What audience is Rocket.Chat suitable for?

Rocket.Chat can be used by anyone who wants to chat: whether it’s companies, departments, administrations, support groups, etc…

Who can I contact in case of a problem?

You can get help at and in the LiveChat at the bottom right. For general questions regarding the settings, we recommend the Rocket.Chat forum and the documentation.

How can I add users to Rocket.Chat?

There are several ways to add users to your Rocket.Chat server.

  1. Manually via the Administration/User section:

Click on your username, open the Administration section, select Users and enter the desired user data after clicking +.

  1. activate the registration form:

To activate the registration form, first open the administration area and select Accounts. Expand the Registration section below and set the registration form to either Public or Secret URL. If you use Secret URL, you can also change the secret URL of the registration form to a desired string. Then scroll down and click Save Change. To get to the registration form, simply add /register/”your-string” to your Rocket.Chat link.

Why can't I upload certain files?

Rocket.Chat is preconfigured to allow only certain file types, which you can change in Administration > Upload File.

How does the Rocket.Chat LiveChat feature work?

The live chat feature is only available in the Extended and Premium plans and is enabled by default.

To activate/deactivate it:

Log in with your credentials, click on your username in the top left corner, select Administration, then go to LiveChat and change the live chat activation. Scroll down and click Save Changes. Close the administration screen on the top left and reload the page in your browser. To make LiveChat available on your site, make sure the LiveChat switch on the left is set to green. Then click on the down arrow next to your username, select LiveChat and then Installation. If you follow the instructions on the page, you can use the same Java script to embed the LiveChat feature on multiple websites. Again, we have no hard limits. Here you can find more instructions for LiveChat.

How do I enable Jitsi for Rocket.Chat?

If you would like to use Jitsi with your Rocket.Chat, you need to download Jitsi from the Marketplace. For any further information and what to do it exactly, feel free to read Joshua’s helpful blogpost!

How can I cancel Rocket.Chat?

You can cancel the app either monthly or annually in the contract overview under Manage Contract.

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Do you have any questions or just want to say hi? Get in touch with us! You can do so by using the chat window in the bottom right corner, for example. We are happy to hear from you!