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Request Tracker is an open source task management software that supports companies in the area of task automation and workflows. It also enables centralized and person-independent email communication with your customers. With your Managed Request Tracker you always have the latest version and don’t have to worry about updates, backups & co. The app just runs.

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„Request Tracker helps you to stay connected with your customers. This email response management system organizes your mails and keeps track of your important tickets and threads.“

– Marius Hein

Open Source Incident Management


Request Tracker receives all primary email addresses. This allows you to manage and process requests from your customers directly in the web interface.

Request Tracker allows you to create predefined answers to frequently asked questions and easily insert them into ticket responses.

Request Tracker allows you to use your own domain with your own SSL certificates. This means you don’t have to use our free CNAME, you can rather decide which domain you want to use.

The NWS Request Tracker app includes a fully customizable email configuration section, meaning you can configure ingoing and outgoing mails directly in our configuration interface!

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30 Days for Free

You have the opportunity to use the Request Tracker app free of charge for 30 days – without a subscription trap. We put our trust in you.

Data Centers in Germany

Your Request Tracker app is hosted in our ISO-certified data centers in Nuremberg, Germany. You can be sure that your data is safe.

Security Standards

Data security and protection are a must for you? Great – same here! With us, you can rely on GDPR-compliance.

World-class Support

With us, you won’t end up in the waiting loop of a hotline. Just talk to us – we’re happy to support you and solve your problems!

Flexible Pricing

Choose from different price packages the one that suits you best. If you need an individual package, please contact us.

Always Up-to-date

Sit back and relax! We’ll make sure your Request Tracker app is updated regularly and stays up-to-date!

Quick Start in 3 Easy Steps

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Start your Request Tracker App

Launch a single or multiple instances of your App.

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Technical Support

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€ 24.99
per month

Basic Features

Up to 10 Users
Storage space: 25 GB

Common Features

Server location: Germany
DC Certificate: ISO27001
Use our free CNAMEs
Customize your config
Backup: inclusive
Monthly callable


€ 49.99
per month

Advanced Features

Up to 50 Users
Storage space: 100 GB

Common Features

Server location: Germany
DC Certificate: ISO27001
Use our free CNAMEs
Customize your config
Backup: inclusive
Monthly callable


€ 99.99
per month

Premium Features

Up to 200 Users
Storage space: 400 GB

Common Features

Server location: Germany
DC Certificate: ISO27001
Use our free CNAMEs
Customize your config
Backup: inclusive
Monthly callable

Custom Made

Need anything more special?
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Who can I contact in case of a problem?

You can get help at any time at and in the LiveChat at the bottom right. For general questions regarding the settings, we recommend the forum and the documentation of Request Tracker.

Which price package is suitable for which target group?

Our “Basic” package is especially suitable for Start Ups, whereas “Advanced” is a better fit for small businesses and “Premium” for medium-sized companies.

How do I configure Request Tracker to use my existing email account?

After your Request Tracker app has been successfully created, click View and go to the Config tab. Now scroll down to your email configuration. Please fill in all the fields with your configuration details and select the radio buttons that match your environment. On the tab you can also select Comment or Correspondence in the Queue Action section. This determines how incoming mails will be handled – they will be marked as either comment or correspondence. Clicking the Save button will pass your values to the app.

Please note that filling in these details is necessary for your Request Tracker to start, as there are currently no default values for IMAP/POP3. Also, any incoming email that creates a new ticket, will generate an automatic response. You can edit this behavior after logging into your Request Tracker as an administrator and then clicking Admin > Queues > Select. There you have to select the queues you want to edit and then click on Scrips > Select. Now you can disable e.g. sending auto-responses.

How can I upgrade Request Tracker?

The update/upgrade process is handled by the NWS platform. Once the new version of Request Tracker has been tested, we will announce the upgrade periods via email. Your Request Tracker application will then be upgraded during a reboot, which should take no more than a few minutes. 

Where are users and groups managed?

For any action that affects users and groups, you must log in as an administrator. Then expand the Admin tab in the navigation bar and click on either Users or Groups. To create new users or groups, click Create. To edit existing users or groups, select Select.

How do I configure ticket queues?

For any action related to ticket queues, you need to log in as an administrator. Then you should expand the Configuration tab in the navigation bar and click on one of the queues. To create new queues you can click on New Queue or to edit existing queues you can select the name of the queue in question. You can also add observers to the queue. So, – again – go to Configuration, then Queues and click on the name of the queue you want to add users to. Then click on Observers and add the desired user. To remove watchers, simply uncheck the checkbox next to the user’s name.

When can I cancel the app?

You can cancel your Request Tracker either monthly or annually.

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